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Question about WLC Failover


Hi Team,

I believe I have the answer, but I just want to double check with any of you.  I have the following scenario

- 3 Locations, each of them with one WLC 4400 running 6.0.188

- I have configured all AP's in H-REAP local switching mode, so that I can have failover functionality working with vlans.  If I loose one WLC, all AP's will join the other 2 WLC's but remain vlan configuration, and all traffic is locally switched.

I'm implementing NAC on each location, and I have only one CAS per location.  Wired NAC is working fine, so it's time to have wireless NAC to work. My NAC deployment is OOB L2.  I saw that the only AP mode supported for OOB solutions is Local or H-REAP central switching.

If I do so, I believe I will loose my failover functionality.  My question is, if I put AP's on each WLC in Local Mode is there any way that in case of a local WLC failover the AP is able to join into other WLC in H-REAP mode?,

Saying it in a different way, if the AP was in local mode on local WLC, it will join as local mode in remote WLC in the event of a local WLC failure?

Thanks for your tips and advises..


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If it is in local mode it will stay in local mode when it joines the next controller. However if it was in HREAP mode it will be in HREAP mode on the new controller. You have to have the ssids, ID, security exact the same way, even the profile name.

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