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Repeater not passing data?

Level 1
Level 1

I have two 1200AP's set up and am trying to get one working as a repeater for the other. We are doing EAP-TLS authentication for our network, but for the repeater to authenticate I enabled LEAP on the ACS server. I added a user on the ACS for the repeater and entered the information on the repeater access point for the EAP client. When I boot them both up, I can see on the root that the repeater comes up as a repeater and EAP-ASSOCIATED with self as the parent. However, when I try and connect to the repeater I associate fine, and come up with the repeater as the parent but I can't seem to get any data through. I can't ping anything while connected to the repeater, nor can I renew a DHCP IP address. Any ideas?

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Level 6
Level 6

While in repeater mode the APs ethernet port will be disabled, are you trying to ping some network connected to the ethernet port? If so it will not work.

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