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Roaming with 3 cisco 1803 without controller


Hello to everybody,

Is ist possible, that three 1803 roam the Same SSID without a Controller?

It should be possible to Walk with a WLAN device trough the building and the connection go from one AP to an other AP without lost of connection.

Thanks for your help

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Scott Fella
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You talking about an 1803 router with wireless? Well just to let you know, you can have APs with a single or multiple SSIDs provide roaming as long as you have coverage and the traffic stays on the same subnet. I don't know about using an 1803 as an access point, your better off picking up a few 1131's of eBay which you can find pretty cheap.

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Amjad Abdullah

Ronny: as long as the SSIDs with exact same config (name, auth, encryption...etc.). And it is highly recommended and best practice to have non-overlapping channels for your 3 SSID's. You need also to keep 15-20 % cell overlapping between your APs for roamong to work properly.



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I don't know that I agree with that last post.

Roaming is complex. 802.11 has 3 standards. Preauthentication PMK cache, and FT 802.11r.

There are also vendor implemented roaming st landmarks. Examples of these are OKC, CCKM, sticky key, and perhaps a few less known ones.

I agree in the fact that your wifi side needs to be identical however some clients aren't built to roam and stay sticky. Also there is the hand off on the wire that occurs ..

I agree in Scott's post get your self a real ap.

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