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Root AP Controller Migration


Hello all,

I have a Cisco 5508 with two root AP's (AIR-AP1572EAC-B-K9) that I need to migrate to another controller.  I think because they are bridges it is preventing the migration.  i know there is something simple that I am missing, possibly a configuration on the new controller.  The original secondary controller for them has been handed over to another company so I can't move them to it. Any recommendations would be greatly appeciated.

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How did you try the migration, by changing the primary WLC name & IP address in the individual AP high availability tab?





That is correct.  

Make sure you correctly type WLC name in that high availability configuration (name should match to sysname you configured)

I would check in the current controller whether MIC (Security -> AP policies -> Authorize MIC APs against auth-list)



If that is enabled in the current controller, then the AP ethernet MAC address to be in the list. That needs to configure on the second WLC.

If not getting AP console output once you reload AP would help us to understand why it is not going to new primary





Thank you very much for the response.  I checked and the option is not checked on either the home controller or the new primary so I think I'm okay there. I did a debug and found that the AP is unsupported.  

Model: AIR-AP1572EAC-B-K9  I have five of these on the controller already so it doesn't appear to be problem with the model, but likely an issue with the AP being a root AP and controller config?  Hopefully this will provide better detail.  


*spamApTask6: Apr 26 17:28:32.737: %CAPWAP-3-DTLS_CLOSED_ERR: capwap_ac_sm.c:7130 58:bf:ea:01:90:00: DTLS connection closed forAP 10:216:96:20 (6402), Controller: 10:50:0:89 (5246) Echo Timer Expiry
*spamApTask6: Apr 26 17:28:32.737: %CAPWAP-3-ECHO_ERR: capwap_ac_sm.c:7875 Did not receive heartbeat reply; AP: 58:bf:ea:01:90:00
*spamApTask6: Apr 26 17:28:25.714: %CAPWAP-3-DISCOVER_UNSUPP_AP: capwap_ac_sm.c:2254 The system has received a Discovery request from an unsupported AP 58:bf:ea:01:90:00, dropping the packet
*spamApTask5: Apr 26 17:27:05.446: %CAPWAP-3-TX_ERR: capwap_ac_sm.c:5889 The system has failed to transmit image data request to AP 58:bf:ea:01:90:00
*spamApTask5: Apr 26 17:27:05.446: %CAPWAP-3-ENCODE_ERR: capwap_ac_sm.c:3357 The system has failed to encode Image data request (Requested Ap Image not found) to AP 58:bf:ea:01:90:00
*spamApTask5: Apr 26 17:27:05.446: %CAPWAP-3-IMAGE_DOWNLOAD_ERR3: capwap_ac_platform.c:1525 Refusing image download request from Unsupported AP 58:bf:ea:01:90:00 - unable to open image file /bsn/ap//c1520







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