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Rv340w dual VPN router wireless freeze


We have installed Cisco RV340W dual WAN Wireless-AC VPN Router in our office but since it start day the wifi freeze in few days regularly. Previously we thought it was due to update but even after disabling the update and firewall the error persist. Sometimes we have to restart the router 3-4 times in a day, without a restart the wifi stays disconnect. Not its getting too annoyed to all the staff, I tried to resolve this but there was no article/solution on how to troubleshoot and fix this problem.

Please help us in fixing the problem.

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How many users ? since you mentioned new open a SMP TAC case easy to diagnosis and offer fix.



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We are around 15-20 user throuh wifi and 10-15 users through LAN connection. I would also like to mention that the LAN connection works fine troughout but wifi gets disconnect. We have both 2.5G and 5G but both are of no use as most of the time they are disconnected.


As the links shared suggest that either we have to keep rebooting the device every time the Wifi disconnects or change the device and get a new one then why a buggy device is sold on the first place. Can any one help me in connecting with TAC or cisco customer care direclty on call. I tried 000-800-100-1364 this helpline number as I am from India but the IVR is all confusing at another level. 

I have not received any helpful or satisfactory answers yet.

Every product has bugs and Limitation, why they sold bug product you can contact local sales person who sold he address the question correctly and proper way, I can understand your fustration as the same time you need to understand this is community we help people (with out any cost) - so the appriciation here is share the knowledge where we can and try to enable others fix the issue where possible.


where did you buy the product - have to contacted them ? do you have support for the device ?


Cisco has BOT support, they can assists you if the device is registered properly and you have that information.


check the India contact numbers call Local one to get better support.


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 -  Ref :



India 000-800-040-1521

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 - Check the logs when this happens, or use  a syslog-server , to have a continuous follow-up on log-messages


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