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Setting up a Aironet 1852E AP - Radios Off - Cisco IOS 12.3(4)JA

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I have a brand new Cisco Aironet 1800 Series AP that I'm trying to setup. Specifically the 1852E. I don't have a controller and trying to use the Mobility Express Deployment method. When I received the unit There is a yellow label on the outside specifically stating, "RADIOS OFF BY DEFAULT Note: The radios are disabled by default for Cisco IOS Releases 12.3(4)JA and later".

So can someone please tell me how I'm supposed to setup this AP when the radios aren't even on, thus the CiscoAirProvision SSID isn't being broadcast?

I have tried the following:

1. Plugged the unit into my PoE switch. Device gets power and discovery mode does begin (red/amber/green light cycling). It does successfully get an IP address from my DHCP.

2. When I attempt to access the device via my laptop over the local LAN it just times out. Pings do reply.

I apologize if my post seems rough, I am quite agitated that even after spending over 5 hours trying to troubleshoot and get this thing to work it's been nothing but a nightmare (so much for the touted 10min setup). I actually RTFM. Am I missing something glaringly simple? or am I right to assume Cisco has really missed the boat on posting the appropriate fix in their existing documentation.

FYI. Thorough Google Searches and searches on this forum have yielded me no help.


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Leo Laohoo
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Radios are off because the AP comes with a controller-based IOS.  To run Mobility Express, one has to connect using wired network to the AP and install the Mobility Express firmware (and force the AP to load the Mobility Express IOS).

Thank you for the fast reply!

Can you please explain to me how one does that? or where to find the appropriate documentation and firmware to download?


Thank you for bringing this to my attention and your help! Unfortunately I won't be able to attempt this because Cisco requires a support contract to download the software required to attempt it. The client didn't purchase any so they are changing to a different solution. You would think Cisco would give new products a trial term period for situations like this, maybe 30 days. Calling support directly basically netted nothing more than "you need a support contract".

Regardless, I believe this is the best answer to my problem.

Thanks again!

Cisco requires a support contract to download the software required to attempt it.

Talk to the vendor who sold AP and see if they can provide the Mobility Express firmware. 

I find it strange that Cisco will allow anyone to download the CAPWAP firmware without any Service Contract but Mobility Express IOS requires one.   Maybe with the Mobility Express IOS the AP license gets unlocked automatically.

On the other hand, have a read of this: Mobility Express Bundle.  This promotion is valid until 01 August 2016.  The biggest draw for this is one gets a free Cisco WLC2504 with 25-AP license. 

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