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SSID layer 3 network problem

As i configure on the attachment . the three LAP register successfully on the controller .the problems :

1 - users who access EAMCO-core and Guest-Core , access successfully and gets IP but users who access EAMCO-Dist and Guest-Dist can't get IP

   " i think the problem because Dynamic interface cant reach to its gateway because L3 network sperate between them "

2- All four WLAN appear on the three LAP but i want EAMCO-core and Guest-Core appear on LAP2 and LAP3 and the other two WLAN appear on LAP1

3-How i make specific mac address who access the LAP and other blocked

4- make password for user who access LAP by WPA security " i found it in the WLAN , security tab but i don't know where i wirte the key "

Abhishek Abhishek
Cisco Employee

Hello Mostafa,

As per your query i can suggest you the following solution-

This sequence of events must occur in order for an LAP to register to a WLC:

  • •1. The LAPs issue a DHCP discovery request to get an IP address, unless it has previously had a static IP address configured.
  • •2. The LAP sends LWAPP discovery request messages to the WLCs.
  • •3. Any WLC that receives the LWAPP discovery request responds with an LWAPP discovery response message.
  • •4. From the LWAPP discovery responses that the LAP receives, the LAP selects a WLC to join.
  • •5. The LAP then sends an LWAPP join request to the WLC and expects an LWAPP join response.
  • •6. The WLC validates the LAP and then sends an LWAPP join response to the LAP.
  • •7. The LAP validates the WLC, which completes the discovery and join process. The LWAPP join process includes mutual authentication and encryption key derivation, which is used to secure the join process and future LWAPP control messages.
  • •8. The LAP registers with the controller.

For more information please refer to the link-

Hope this will help you.

Dear friend ,

i dont have any problem in the registeration . as i said the three LAP register successfully , the problem that i want every LAP support two SSID with different subnet .

The feature that allows you to do this is called ap groups. Here is a link to a config example

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that is not my main problem . my main problem that user who want to access LAP1 ( EAMCO-dist or Guest-Dist ) can't get ip and controller can't ping to or

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