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SSID usage Monitoring

Level 4
Level 4

Hello All,

I have some Cisco 1130 Ag WiFi AP and on these devices multiple SSIDs. I would like to monitor the number of connected users to the SSIDs, (I need statistics per SSIDs). I try to find the required SNMP MIB, but withoun any success till now.

Please help me.

Thanks in advance.


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Level 1
Level 1

How about this one:

CISCO-DOT11-ASSOCIATION-MIB there is a specific entity cDot11ClientConfigInfoEntry that has the following description:

"Each entry is the device specification of a client of this device on the IEEE 802.11 radio interfaces. Clients are grouped according to the SSIDs of the interfaces they use for associations and the MAC address of their parent devices if the clients are repeat APs."

Also take a look at this mib for other association specific information.

Hi, I am also looking to do the same thing on 1130AGs. Going through all values in the dot11 association MIB including the one you mentioned doesn't appear to give any directly usable value.

You can get the vlan IDs for all clients using (cDot11ClientVlanId), but then you would need to do some kind of operation on the results from that collection. If there is another easier way I'd be interested to know!

You can get the number of clients associated with each radio interface using (cDot11ActiveWirelessClients), instance 1 is the 'g' radio, and instance 2 is the 'a' radio on the 1130AG.


I'm interested in that option, but I have LWAPP scenario with three WLC and a WCS.

Is that information provided by WCS software?

Thank you,

Ignacio Siles.

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