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WAP121 as a workgroup bridge in a WLC environment


Good morning

To keep consts down a customer of ours wants to use WAP121s as workgroup bridges in place of WET200.

I know that certain of the enterprise WAPs running autonomout IOS can act as properly integrated bridges in a WLC environment (1130s, 1142s etc)

The WET200 sort-of-worked in the WLC environment.

Does anyone know if the WAP121 will work as a properly integrated WGB with a WLC?

Thanks in advance


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Scott Fella
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Hall of Fame

I don't know if you will find much info on this forum about the WAP121 working or not as a WGB. It might be better for you just to try it and see or maybe ask the question in the Small Business Wireless forum. WGB isn't very stable when it's not an IOS autonomous access point being used. I have tested a few and it will work for a day or so, then it needs to be rebooted.

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Scott - we found that with the WET200s although it seems to have settled down now.  I've posted in that forum now.

Sandeep - the questions wasn't whether the WAP121 supports CAPWAP - I know that it doesn't - but if it acts as a fully-integrated Workgroup Bridge client associated with an access point running with a WLC.

I now suspect that it doesn't because the WGB mode on a WLC infrastructure requires Aironet IE enhancments and I can find nothing on the WAP121 documentation to suggest that it will support that.

The WAP121s are cheap enough that the customer is going to try one - if there is only one client on the wired side then MAC address spoofing may be enough for it to work.

I'll post back here if I have any additional information.



I have tried using various SOHO Ethernet bridges and they do connect, but eventually they just stop working. The older Linksys seemed to work better than the newer one and that's the same with the Buffalo bridges.

Let us know if the WAP121 is stable or not when your customer tries it out.

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Sandeep Choudhary
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VIP Alumni

Hi Robin,

This AP is not supported to run as CAPWAP

You cannot do it to Cisco WAP121 Wireless-N Access unlike Cisco Aironet series APs.

There is a feature that comes with the WAP100 and WAP300 series Access Points. It is called Single Point Setup.

You can read about it in the Admin Guide located here:


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