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WiFi Antenna Placement

Our environment is a manufacturing floor.  Currently our access points are almost 40ft in the air with 2dB antennas.  I have read that Cisco recommends a height of 20-25ft with omnidirectional antennas for our environment.  We have purchased a set of Cisco 5dB antennas with a 3ft wire attached and also a set of 15ft extensions.  This is an experiment.
First question:  Will that help or cause to much single loss?
Second question:  Instead of letting the antennas hang straight down, we were wondering if we space each antenna an additional 3ft from the AP using the 3ft wire, if that would help give us more coverage area?  I’ll attach a picture.  

Yes there is a problem behind the question, but I would still be interested to know, hypothetically, the answer because my boss wants to know.  The problem is we have a set of mobile robots that carry around parts.  They drop connectivity to the network.  All the other Wifi  devices on the floor work.  (Handheld devices that scan were parts are (while in motion), computers and a few printers).  The manufacturer of these robots decided to make the WiFi spots specs very tight.   We have Cisco 2602 access points and a Cisco 2504 WiFi controller.  There are spots on our heat map that go as low as -63dB.  The height is also a problem.  The is interference from other WiFi tools independent of our network.  The are a lot of metal structures and powerful motors.  We have 4 SSIDs.  We are going to make adjustments for the robot SSID.  The robots run right beside an AP.  We have gotten better antennas for the robots.  I know their are problems with the WiFi settings, but still my boss wants to make the antenna questions part of the attempted solution.  Can you include an answer to his question as well, please?  I am attaching our heat map and the requirements of the robot company.
I would like to know how to best balance the radio settings and roaming settings to be better.  

I forgot the most important picture.  It is below.

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AP hats.jpg

1) best advice in an complex environment like this is to have a proper site survey done!
2) the requirements are not very special 20dB SNR / -67dB RSSI
3) the antenna placement will have little effect on the coverage, but it may have effect on "beamforming"
4) because of the height it may have advantages to use directional antennae instead of omnidirectional  antennae, tilted downward
but again this will require a site survey and replanning of the antennae

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