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Wired Guest Access with converged access (sup8/3850) as MA, CT-5508 as MC and Anchor

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We are trying to set up a Wired Guest Access solution based on the infrastructure:

  • Converged access (sup8/3850) as Mobility Agent (MA)
  • CT-5508 as Mobility Controller (MC)
  • CT-5508 as Mobility Anchor (on DMZ)

There is a Switch Peer Group (SPG) on the MC for the sup8/c3850 and the link between MA/MC and between SPG members is up, so no problems there at this moment.


The issue is that we cannot establish the tunnel for the Wired Guest Access, from the MA to the anchor, we keep on receiving these messages on the MA:

Aug 12 08:00:42.463: epm_spi_client_tunnel_add:server
Aug 12 08:00:42.463: Sending tunnel add request to WCM for server_handle 3100004B, server_rh 7A000053, mac 0023.ebc8.92d6, audit_ses_id 0A8320080000101DD2318554, profile name TUNNEL-CAPWAP, src intf 0x101A4000000015A, client iif id 0x100E080000002D9, client hdl 74000010
Aug 12 08:00:42.463: EPM_SESS_EVENT: Feature (EPM Tunnel Feature PLUG-IN) identity has been updated (status 1)
Aug 12 08:00:42.464: spi_epm_wired_tunnel_wcm_epm_response_handler
Aug 12 08:00:42.464: tunnel add failed
Aug 12 08:00:42.464: EPM_SESS_EVENT: Feature (EPM Tunnel Feature PLUG-IN) Status (2) Notified
Aug 12 08:00:42.464: EPM_SESS_EVENT: Failed feature attrs provided for EPM Tunnel Feature PLUG-IN


Software versions:

  • Sup8: 03.07.01E
  • c3850: 03.06.02a.E
  • CT-5508:


Relevant config on sup8

wireless mobility controller ip <CT-5508 MC IP> public-ip <CT-5508 MC IP>
guest-lan WIRED-GUEST 1
 client vlan 10
 mobility anchor <CT-5508 anchor IP>
 no security web-auth
 no shutdown
service-template GUEST-TUNNEL
 tunnel type capwap name TUNNEL-CAPWAP
policy-map type control subscriber TUNNELLED-GUEST
 event session-started match-all
  1 class DOT1X-NO-RESP do-until-failure
   1 activate service-template GUEST-TUNNEL
vlan 10
 name GUEST
access-session tunnel vlan 10
interface GigabitEthernet2/1
 description *** Phone + Laptop
 switchport access vlan 5
 switchport mode access
 switchport nonegotiate
 switchport voice vlan 6
 access-session host-mode multi-domain
 access-session port-control auto
 dot1x pae authenticator
 dot1x timeout tx-period 6
 dot1x timeout supp-timeout 6
 spanning-tree portfast
 service-policy type control subscriber TUNNELLED-GUEST


Relevant config on CT-5508 MC

Enable New Mobility(Converged Access)
SPG and SPG members


Relevant config on CT-5508 Anchor

Enable New Mobility(Converged Access)


Has anyone done this type of setup?

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Level 1

For documentation proposes, in case someone reaches here in the future, the problem is solved.

The name of the tunnel (bold underline below)

service-template GUEST-TUNNEL
 tunnel type capwap name TUNNEL-CAPWAP

has to match the guest-lan name (bold underline below)

guest-lan WIRED-GUEST 1
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