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wireless lan controller 4402

I had the cisco brand new wireless lan controller 4402,

The 2 ports on wlc connecting to cisco layer3 switch,LAG disabled,

The ping response good,

but the access using web,cli is very slow,its taking long time to open every page..on web..and cli its taking 2-3 mints before i type next command

There is running config added on this wlc...

not surre what is causing issue?

Please help

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Leo Laohoo
Hall of Fame
Hall of Fame
The 2 ports on wlc connecting to cisco layer3 switch,LAG disabled,

What happens if there's only one link to the switch?  Is the response better?

What firmware is the WLC running on?

Yeah tried with singl uplink from cisco layer 3 switch,

still the response is same,i am havign another WLC at same place with same settings and working good.

wlc having

What is the firmware of the WLC?

the wlc is running with,

i have another wlc at same site,with LAG diasabled and working good.

so i am thinking firmware or LAG may not be the issue

Have you tried replacing the cable and sfp module and or using a different switch port?  You need to try to determine if the unit is going bad or not. 


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ok,replacing SFP and cable still not trid..

i will try this during coming weekend,during maintenance window

Thank you

Level 7
Level 7

Why are you not using LAG if you are using both ports?

I tried using LAG but no luck..

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