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WLAN design queries



I would appreciate if some one specialist could reply my queries regarding wireless LAN deployment with the mixed environment of 802.11b and 802.11g clients.

I’m proposing a design where all data will be on g while wireless IP Phones will be on b as 7920 only supports b. There are 5 floors in building there will be around 50 to 70 wireless users (data and voice) in each floor.

Please see below for my queries.

1. There will be 25 (data) + 25 (voice 7920) + 12 (voice Softphones). The area of floor is 150x200 ft. Can you please tell me how many 1100 access points with 802.11g installed radio will be required in this scenario? And how many maximum wireless users (data and voice) should communicate per AP for better throughput.

2. There are 3 non-overlapping channels in ETSI regions that increase the through put of the wireless medium. If I add the fourth AP in the same location where all three APs are running with 1, 6 and 11 non-overlapping channels then what would be the behavior of the fourth AP, Would it affect the through put of the APs with non-overlapping channels?

3. How many maximum APs can be deployed in 150x200 areas for better throughput?

4. Since mixing 802.11b and 802.11g clients on the same AP brings down the overall throughput so can we use separate APs for voice and data? Is there any design issue like channel interference or through put etc?

5. My last question is about the Wireless LAN solution engine, my customer intends to deploy Air Defense rather than WLSE. Can you differentiate these two products with features? I heard that WLSE does not support 802.11g access points while Air Defense does and Air Defense has more features than WLSE.


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There is no mathematical formula derive all this, nor is there a fixed rule of thumb, do a site survey first as it would solve most of your design issues.

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