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Rajdeep Datta

Hi Folks,

I am currently configuring E911 in MS Teams where we need to upload BSSID .

For big sites each WLC contains more than 100 APs.

using "show ap wlan 802.11a/b/abgn <apname>" is next to impossible in order to get the BSSID.

Is there any way to get all the BSSID from a WLC at a one go ?


Thansk in Advance.

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Hi @Rajdeep Datta 

 The BSSID is the AP´s mac address withthe last hex  changed. Each AP will have its own BSSID so it is not possible to get all the BSSID in one AP.

You can check how BSSID works here on this link


Hello @Flavio Miranda 

Thanks for your reply ! is there any script that can help ?

@Flavio Miranda also we are not trying to get all the BSSID from one AP , we are trying from WLC and WLC shows BSSID of all AP but one by one , not at a time . any command can be run from WLC ?

@Rajdeep Datta  Which WLC is it? 

@Flavio Miranda it's 5200 models 

What you can do is use the command 

show ap wlan 802.11a <AP name>

You dont need a script. Just type the command show ap summary and take all the AP hostname, past in a spreadsheet with the command "show ap wlan 802.11a" in front of it. Copy the data from spreadsheet and paste on the wlc. 

You are going to get the BSSID for each SSID.  Take the data from the WLC and paste back in a spreadsheet and use filter to get the BSSID. 



The only script you need to automate the task is to create a batch text file rotating through all APs using that command @Flaf shared, copy it and paste on the CLI (don't forget to invoke 'config paging disable' first)


I also working on configuring E911 in MS Teams, and one of the challenges I'm facing is obtaining the BSSID (Basic Service Set Identifier) for more than 100 access points (APs) on big sites like Manually using the "show ap wlan 802.11a/b/abgn <apname>" command for each AP seems almost impossible and extremely time-consuming. I'm wondering if anyone has come across a more efficient way to get all the BSSID information from a Wireless LAN Controller (WLC) in one go. Any tips or suggestions on how to tackle this issue and streamline the process would be greatly appreciated! 


Have you tested to input that command filtering by the WLAN ID associated to the ESSID you are looking for?
Something like this:

grep include <WLANid>.*management "show ap wlan 802.11a <APName>"

In my case I'm looking for Corporate SSID which is WLAN Id #1, on a specific AP:

grep include 1.+management "show ap wlan 802.11a luluxap0103"
1 management xx:yy:zz:aa:40:ff n/a n/a n/a

If you need to get only the BSSID then you can script that on a .sh or .bat exporting outputs, and then filtering in Excel/Notepad++, or using grep in Linux, or collecting all info using a Python script. At the end, you need to take some time to collect that info, is not such a straightforward task on any vendor and with any tool.

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