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Hi Everyone!

I have a problem with some autonomous 1532E AP with version code 15.3(3)JK in a root / non-root deployment.


I have a root ap and a wgb ap with a directly connected plc, since the plc is in a different vlan than the administration one I used the workgroup-bridge client-id command, the thing is that it only works with a wgb scenario, you know if I can do something similar with a root / non-root deployment?

Another thing is that when I set station-role workgroup-bridge, the ap loses more packets than when I set root / non-root. Does anyone have any idea why this happens or if it's just my perception?




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In root bridge/ non root bridge scenario, you can make it act as a trunk link. So you can pass any number of vlan as you wish. first part of this blog page give you simple root bridge/non-root bridge configs for couple of vlan. 


Packet loss/re transmissions is quite common in WiFi. You need to see % of retry to see if it is too much or normal




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Hi Rasika,


Yes, but the thing is I have a plc (or could be any endpoint) directly connected to de port of the Non root AP, and as far as I know, end points do not manage tagged traffic right? and the vlan I need to pass is not the native vlan, that's why I used the workgroup-bridge client-vlan command, to force all traffic to that vlan but I want to use non-root mode


do you see this normal?


Packets Input : 5538997 Packets Output : 606839
Bytes Input : 1730784040 Bytes Output : 648868910
Duplicates Rcvd : 35357 Data Retries : 747470
Decrypt Failed : 0 RTS Retries : 0
MIC Failed : 0 MIC Missing : 0
Packets Redirected: 0 Redirect Filtered: 0





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