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Can't install add tar file to ASR9k?

RP/0/RSP1/CPU0:ios#dir usb:
Sun Dec  7 19:18:12.309 UTC

Directory of usb:

131136      -rw-  2281144320  Mon Dec  8 09:08:46 2014  ark9k-px-k9.tar
69618       drwx  32768       Sun Dec  7 19:07:07 2014  LOST.DIR

8006893568 bytes total (5725683712 bytes free)


RP/0/RSP1/CPU0:ios#adm ins add tar usb:ark9k-px-k9.tar syn
Sun Dec  7 19:18:20.178 UTC
Install operation 74 '(admin) install add tar /usb:ark9k-px-k9.tar synchronous' started by user 'cisco' via CLI at 19:18:20 UTC Sun Dec 07
Error:    Cannot proceed with the add operation because we were not able to extract pie files from the tar file '/usb:ark9k-px-k9.tar'.
Error:    Suggested steps to resolve this:
Error:     - check the name of the tar file.
Error:     - check the location of the tar file.
Error:     - check the file is in tar format.
Install operation 74 failed at 19:18:20 UTC Sun Dec 07 2014.


How should I do?


Thank you very much.

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Hi,Please try the following:


Please try the following: adm ins add tar usb:/ark9k-px-k9.tar syn



Cisco Employee

yeah the slash may be one

yeah the slash may be one thing, although it converts the location string properly in the install add response.

three things to try:

1) go to ksh (via run) and change directory to the usb and run a tar tvf on the tar file on the usb disk.

2) if that works then check in XR cli the filesystem, some asr9k RP versions (from 9001 vs RSP440 vs RSP2) were connecting with the usb disk differently and called it disk2 or so. check that with show filesystem

3) if that is no dice either, then copy the file from usb:/ to harddisk:/ and do the admin install add tar harddisk:/filename.tar



Yes sure, could be some USB

Yes sure, could be some USB related stuff too, nevertheless I have seen this error mostly when ppl try to use install add w/o the maybe discuss worthy whether this is a bug or not, though the copy command seems to work fine w/o slash if I recall correctly, so one might tend to say at least the behavior should be consistent throughout IOS-XR.




Re: Yes sure, could be some USB

check the size of the file whether it is copied properly, copy again and try to install.




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