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How to download SMU txt (README) files?

I'd like to write a program to download the README (text) files associated with SMUs. That is, it shouldn't require a human to run a browser or a bunch of javascript to download the data. I don't want to sit and click through hundreds or even thousands of SMUs to get the information about them. This is about automation - not a humans-create-a-spreadsheet thing.


There's a reasonable REST-ful interface for bugs, but it doesn't cover SMUs.


This URL does exactly what I want:

And it even works with curl - no fuss. Yay!


How do I do this for other SMUs?

Cisco Employee

Could you please use CSM (Cisco Software Manager) to download SMUs ? You will get readme file also along while downloading SMU from there.Suggest if you can use it

CSM is available in CCO which can be downloaded

No. That doesn't meet the requirements I wrote. That's a manual process. You know, it's not an API. It requires a human to point, click, cut, paste, and pull out the files manually. That is the opposite of automated.

It's true that it doesn't meet that aspect of your requirements, but CSM Server does a bit more when it comes to pulling SMU info from it resolves SMU dependencies and provides the optimised list of SMUs for platform/release. Have you tried the CSM Server? It does a lot more than SMU management. It help you orchestrate SMU and release package installation, with very comprehensive pre- and post-installation checks. There's a short video (~4min) that shows the highlights of the CSM Server: 

That tool is all about doing things manually. We have over 300K network devices to manage.


I'm not anxious to point and click through 300K devices, not have I had anyone else volunteer to do that for me. I would be ill-advised to rely on anyone who would recommend such a manual process.


Like all manual processes, it's extremely prone to error. Humans are not very reliable... Moreover, I'm pretty sure the little java app isn't up to managing 300K devices on my desktop... And, how am I going to enter them? Oh yeah, manually...


All the info I need is both in the SMUs and the bug database - including the information you mentioned.


So far, Cisco is showing itself as being stuck in the 90s and manual closed source GUI tools.


I believe you are confusing CSM server with the old java client.  CSM server is much more than what the old java app.  CSM server can be loaded with all your XR devices via quick file with all your device IPs.  No need to manual enter them all 1 by 1.  Also it can do automated upgrades and SMU rollouts as Aleks mentioned, but can also audit your network to see if SMUs are missing in areas, or such.  It can also do device inventory management as well now.  And functionality continues to get added based on customer feedback.  



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