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Has anyone tried implementing EVPN from ACI using GOLF on Nexus 7K as WAN device?   i have everything configured , working as per control plane . The opflex configures the GOLF Nexus 7K with creating new VRF , BDI interface VNI , the EVPN route gets ...

sarabsin by Beginner
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Resolved! ACI VLAN reuse

 I have a question on ACI VLAN usage pertaining to physical domains   I know the vlan is one of the means to associate traffic to an EPG.  When a VLAN is used on a switch to associate traffic to an EPG, the vlan cannot be used elsewhere on the switch...

Dan Laden by Beginner
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Hi,  I'm about to expand my ACI fabric to a multipod fabric with 3 pods.  This has the mid-term possibility to expand to 5 but I'm not ruling out more in the future.  I have two issues.   First, I'm having problems coming up with a usefull node-id nu...

Resolved! Changing APIC

Hello, I have a cluster of 3 APICs (APIC-CLUSTER-M2). I want to change the 3 medium APICs to the large APICS (APIC-CLUSTER-L2) Can I add the new APICs to the cluster and then remove the old ones? or is there another way to change the APICs without af...

Hello Guys gretting   What is the connection style from Leaf101-102 to my dual 6509-VSS , where the access switches is connected , is it L3OUT connection from ACI Prospective   thanks all