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Cisco WAAS SAP GUI best practices

Our SAP deployment does not include the use of the web pages.  We use the SAP GUI.  Every time I try and search for information, all I find is useless marketing or how to deploy with SSL.  I recently upgraded to 5.0.1 and since the upgrade, the SAP users have been complaining of sporadic slowness in SAP.  They are complaining from multiple locations, but not in the main office where they do not go through the WAAS to get to the server.

So, my SAP clients are connecting to the SAP server on port 3299, there is a default Policy for SAP (in 5.0.1 policy number 144) that covers a number of ports including TCP/3299 and the policy does "TFO with DRE Bidirectional and LZ"

However, when I type "show stat conn | inc 3299"  I see all of the connections coming up with mostly 0.00% and a couple getting as high as 2.23% acceleration.

Now, typically when I see acceleration numbers this low, it is becuase of an application encrypting the data or compressing the data.  Or it is possible that since we are using the fat client it really is that effecient and just sending such a small amount of data that there is nothing to accelerate.  The router is only showing the sessions passing a few hundred bytes of data.

In an attempt to placate my users and the SAP administrator, I created an SAP policy in WAAS numbered it 144, bumping the SAP policy to 145, so it will be processed first, and set it to passthrough.

Has anyone else seen any issues with WAAS and SAP GUI?

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