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How to configure ACE bypass traffic from Servers to Internet


Hi all,

I'm looking for a way to configure Cisco ACE4710 loadbalancer to bypass traffic that is initiated from server side to Internet?

Are there any way to configure this, so that the loadbalancer will not maintain session for this bypass traffic to maximize throughput?


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If I unterstand well your issue, the most sensible thing to do in this case is to create a Source NAT on Cisco ACE 4710 to keep all returned sessions from Source(Internet or Local Network) to your Destination(VIP) through the Cisco ACE, and too keep the defaul gateway of these servers directly configured to your firewall ou router with access to the Internet (The point here is not to have the Cisco ACE as default gateway).

In this way, you will have all incoming traffic from Client Side destinated to your VIP(And after your Phy Server) returning to the Cisco ACE (Here Cisco ACE and your Phy Server will speaking with no routing on the same subnet). The main goal of this solution is to have all initiaded traffic from the "Phy Server" going to the "internet" passing directly to your router ou firewall instead of the Cisco ACE.

This is the simplest and most effective solution, trust me my friend i'v been through many deployments of Cisco ACE with the same problem.

Best Regards.

I am quite new to the Cisco ACE 4710 and having the same situation with my configurations as this moment.

The current configuration seems to work perfectly fine if the ACE is set as the default gateway for our webservers, but when I change the default gateway on our webserver to another firewall our e-commrce site (behind the ACE) does't come up anymore. AM I doing something wrong?

Hi Ali,

Can you send for us your config?. I'll be happy to assistance you.

Many thanks!

Thank you very much for the kind offer,

I really appreciate your help. Here is the current configuration on the Cisco ACE 4710. It does work but only as long as the ACE is set as the default gateway for the webservers, and as mentioned I am hoping to be able to have a separate default gateway for the webservers and so to keep the link the ACE free for the e-commerce based communication.

Once again thank you. Here is the full config:


crypto chaingroup CertChain_DPH

  cert dph-2012-int-a-crt

  cert dph-2012-int-b-crt

access-list INBOUND line 8 extended permit ip any any

access-list INBOUND line 16 extended permit icmp any any

probe http Probe_DPH_HTTP

  interval 10

  passdetect interval 10

  request method get url /ping-ok.html

  expect status 200 200

  open 1

probe http Probe_DPH_TCP

  interval 15

  passdetect interval 60

  open 1

rserver host Web_Server_01

  description Web Server 01

  ip address


rserver host Web_Server_02

  description Web Server 02

  ip address


rserver host Web_Server_03

  description Web Server 03

  ip address


serverfarm host DPH_Web_Servers

  probe Probe_DPH_HTTP

  rserver Web_Server_01 80


  rserver Web_Server_02 80


  rserver Web_Server_03 80


ssl-proxy service SSL_Proxy_DPH

  key dph-2012-key

  cert dph-2012-crt

  chaingroup CertChain_DPH

class-map match-all VIP_Website_DPH_HTTP

  2 match virtual-address tcp eq www

class-map match-all VIP_Website_DPH_HTTPS

  2 match virtual-address tcp eq https

policy-map type loadbalance http first-match LoadBalance_DPH_HTTP

  class class-default

    serverfarm DPH_Web_Servers

policy-map type loadbalance http first-match LoadBalance_DPH_HTTPS

  class class-default

    serverfarm DPH_Web_Servers

policy-map multi-match Public_Policies

  class VIP_Website_DPH_HTTP

    loadbalance vip inservice

    loadbalance policy LoadBalance_DPH_HTTP

  class VIP_Website_DPH_HTTPS

    loadbalance vip inservice

    loadbalance policy LoadBalance_DPH_HTTPS

interface vlan 100

  ip address

  access-group input INBOUND

  service-policy input Public_Policies

  no shutdown

interface vlan 101

  ip address

  no shutdown

ip route



First thing to keep in mind is to deploy a "Source-NAT" (This feature will provide for you a translation of Client IP Address accessing the Webserver), necessary to the returned IP traffic from Webservers back to the ACE.

May be a exemple a client accessing the "VIP_Website_DPH_HTTP" or "VIP_Website_DPH_HTTPS" (From example source address destinated to and the ACE performing a translation of Source Address to (Most common deploy this S-NAT Address in the same subnet that the Application Servers).

To accomplish this setting, we need the following:

     ->  int vlan 101

               nat-pool 1 netmask pat

     ->  policy-map multi-match Public_Policies

             class VIP_Website_DPH_HTTP

                 nat dynamic 1 vlan 101

            class VIP_Website_DPH_HTTPS

                 nat dynamic 1 vlan 101

Note: Ensures that the IP is not used for any device on network, change if necessary. After this configuration, you can change the DG of Server to another address.

Test and give me a feedback.

Best Regards.

That worked beautifully, just added the lines as suggested above, and life is good again!

Thank you very much for that, great to talk to a professional...

Best regards.

Using this method all client requests arrive to the webservers as the nat allocated on vlan 101; is there anyway for the real servers to be passed on the client IP addresses?



Please refer the following link :

You just need server nat and that will help you to fix the issue.


Ajay Kumar

Thank you Ajay,

I very much apprecaie your response.

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