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JTAPI call events dropping after conference enabled

Hi team,

I'm using JTAPI, Cisco, Media sense APIs for my application. I have 2 functionalities namely - Start Recording, Stop Recording.



A - is Cisco UC Integration for MS Lync

B - is Cisco IP communicator

C - is a call created in Java code and connected in the A-B line to make it as conference


B calls A

A picks up the call

Java code holds the A-B line and connects call C. Then resumes call with 3 active users.


1. Start Recording - Scenario is when A calls B, the call will be active and I want to record the call. So I'm introducing C, which is configured for recording profile. When C joins the A-B line as a conference line, the recording will get started. For this - I'm holding the A-B line and connecting Call C and resuming back A-B line. As soon as C join the conference, the recording gets started and it will be stored in Mediasense. Also storing the reference of the calls, Terminal connection, JTAPI events in a reference variable to make use in Stop recording functionality. This is working fine.

2. Stop Recording - Getting the reference values of calls, terminal connections which I stored during start Recording functionality to disconnect the 3rd party(which is C). Once the C gets disconnected the recording will stop. This functionality worked as well. Since September month-end, stop recording functionality is not working. Debugged and found that, JTAPI events shows as all calls getting disconnected/dropped once the conference(C) is enabled. Though events show as disconnected/dropped, The call(conference) with A, B, C looks active on the screen. 


Issue is JTAPI events shows all calls/Terminal connection as disconnected/dropped. But the conference remains active. So couldn't get the reference value which shows as invalid while I try to disconnect the 'C' line for stop recording.


Help me in resolving the issue with events/or any way to get the reference of the ongoing call to make stop recording functionality to work. 


Thanks in advance!!



Cisco Employee

You can use API startRecording and stopRecording and can depend on these events CiscoTermConnRecordingEndEv and CiscoTermConnRecordingStartEv. The issue might be with conf bridge and we would need jtapi, cti logs to get the exact root cause.
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