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Can we expect a fix for that Bug soon for Jabber 12.9.5? Its seams that a very similar case was already fixed in Jabber version, just with the difference of "Caller ID history of redirected calls" vs. "Caller ID history of redirected ca...

We have had this error now happening twice with CUCM 11.5 and our Auto Attendant and Client are also 11.5. I was able to clear the error after I rebooted the server. The solution provided here is to add the user device under the "application users" b...

crahbari by Beginner
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Is anyone seeing this fixed in 10.1(1)? In testing, VxLAN traffic towards type 5 external routes is now passing between VPC peers without being dropped on a Nexus 9300. This is still broken on a 9300v, but may be a limitation of the virtual router. T...

Matt63 by Beginner
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Which OID are we to block? I tried several different ones and I'm still getting these log entries.I've tried:snmp-server view BUG_CSCvq01185_WORKAROUND entSensorValueTable excludedsnmp-server view BUG_CSCvq01185_WORKAROUND entSensorValueEntry exclude...

mr-blt by Beginner
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Same issue in ISE2.7 (P3)% Creating backup with timestamped filename: ISE_Operational_Backup-OPS10-210319-1418.tar.gpg% backup in progress: Starting Backup...10% completed% backup in progress: starting dbbackup using expdp.......20% completedttBulkCp...

Greetings Cisco Team, do you know if there are any plans to resolve this bug of not being able to Share content in the Webex App while simultaneously on a Webex Call with 8800 series phones?  This is forcing our users to open up MS Teams to share con...