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Say goodbye to Community  “Webcasts” and “Ask the Expert" events as you know them today -- and say hello to the new “Community Live” and “Ask Me Anything” events. This month we are renaming two of our most popular events to make them broader and more relevant. Thus, we can cover a wider range of topics, experts, questions and answers.  

Over the course of almost two decades, both the “Webcast” and “Ask the Expert” events have helped thousands of community members to learn more about different Cisco technologies and to solve technical questions related to different technologies and products.

Cisco Community has evolved by merging support and marketing communities. With this merge, it is now time to expand our events as well, not only to cover a broader range of topics, but also make them more agile and collaborative. Therefore, we can meet the needs of all kind of members and questions, that is, by going beyond technical and providing a more in-depth discussion space without  knowledge boundaries.

While the new “Community Live” and “Ask Me Anything” events are changing their names, the way in which members participate within them remains the same.  Here is a sneak peek at some of the details.

cl-icon.pngThe "Community Live" event, remains as a special online interactive webinar in which participants can learn more about a certain topic and interact with subject matter experts in real time. These events require registration, therefore interested people must register before joining. These events occur once a month and usually last 90 min.

ama-icon.pngThe Community “Ask Me Anything” or "AMA" events, continue as a targeted discussion threads in which members can ask all their questions related to a particular topic under a specific time frame (usually for two weeks.) You must log in in the community to participate and ask your questions.

It is important to mention that both events will continue to have “Private” and “Public” sessions. Please keep in mind that Public events are open to everybody, and often hosted by non-Cisco experts. Private Community Live or AMA events are open only to Cisco customers and partners, and mostly hosted by Cisco experts.

FAQ regarding these new names

When the new name of Community Live and Ask Me Anything will start?

All New events will use the new names. All members are invited to participate on these special events. Please feel free to find the upcoming sessions at the “Events” section and join any of them.

What is going to happen with the old “Webcast” and “Ask the Expert" events? 

Previous “Webcast” and “Ask the Expert” events can be found on the community. You can look for them either on the “Events” section or at category of your interest.

How can I participate on these events?

For “Community Live” events of your interest, please go to the “events page” of the desired session. Once you’re there, click on the “Register Today” button at the top/end of the page and fill out the details to register. When you complete the registration form, you will receive a confirmation email. Don’t forget to add the invitation to your calendar so you don’t miss the event. 

When you find an “Ask Me Anything” event of your interest, please feel free to go to the “discussion page” of this session, once you’re there click on the “Reply” button at the end of the page and post your question. When the expert or other members answer you will receive a notification via email. 

If you are interested in hosting (being the expert) of a Ask Me Anything or Community Live event, please send an email to Community Events Manager

Getting Started

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