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Cisco Support Community Designated VIP Class of 2018 Announcement

Community Manager



We are excited to announce the 2018 Cisco Designated VIP class for the Cisco Support Community.


The Cisco Designated VIP program recognizes the top external individual contributors in Cisco's online communities, including the Cisco Support Community and the Cisco Learning Network.


Cisco Designated VIPs are recognized by their peers and the industry for their expertise and tireless contributions, and their abundant participation is vital to community success.


Heartfelt congratulations to these Cisco technology industry leaders!


Thank you to all the 2017 Cisco Designated VIPs for all their contributions last year. We appreciate all your contributions regardless of the VIP status. You are the soul of the Community and thanks to your knowledge sharing, this community continues to thrive.


- Cisco Support Community Team


Cisco Support Community VIPs

This distinction is only given to a select group of Cisco customers & partners & guest community members, based on many factors in the program. We are so grateful of the extensive community involvement of these highly respected technology experts. Consider viewing their profiles and “following” their posts to grow your knowledge.

IP Telephony
IP Telephony
IP Telephony, Contact Center
Small Busines
Wireless, Spanish
IP Telephony
WAN, Spanish
Wireless, Portuguese
Georg Pauwen
Contact Center, IP Telephony
LAN, WAN, Spanish
Firewalling, VPN

Leo Laohoo Support Forums Hall of Fame

WAN, Wireless, LAN

Firewalling, FirePower, VPN
IP Telephony 
VPN, Firewalling, AAA
IP Telephony
IP Telephony

Support Forums Hall of Fame  Hall of Fame




VIP Class of 2017 Announcement 

Cisco Learning Network VIPs

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Hall of Fame Cisco Employee

Dear 2018 VIP class,

I would like to extend my sincere congratulations to each one of you! You are the quintessence of what makes Cisco Support Community so unique - experts who, out of their inner goodness, selflessly and generously share their knowledge and devote their free time to help others.

Cisco Support Community has a unique genius loci. I joined it in 2005, though only to ask a few questions and then go silent for about four years, and then I started posting again in 2009, and with more or less success, I still try to be around. With immense pleasure, I can say that over that whole time, this community has managed to keep what makes it so unique: A quality of communication that is both very crisp, pointed and truly expert in the technical sense, and at the same time, respectful and dignified, treating everyone with courtesy.

You, the VIPs, embody these qualities and carry them on, and Cisco Support Community depends on you to keep its unique positive nature. Thanks to your continuous presence on these forums, Cisco Support Community continues being the one-of-a-kind place, in the best possible meaning, where networking experts help each other.

For all of this, and much more, thank you!

Best regards,

Hall of Fame Guru

Thank you Monica and the rest of the Cisco Support Community Team. We appreciate your continued support for the community and the program.


Thanks to Peter for your kind and thoughtful words. You'll always be part of the "VIP family"even though you've gone over to the Cisco staff side.


And finally, hearty congratulations to my fellow Class of 2018 VIPs. Keep up the good work, one answer at a time!

Cisco Employee

Congratulations to the VIPs!

Appreciate your time, knowledge sharing and dedication on the community. 

Community Manager

To the entire 2018 VIP Class:


Congratulations on this year's team of VIPs.  You are the heart of the community.  Thank you for all that you do to help users, provide solutions, and share your time and expertise.  Supportforums is a very special place and you make it that way with your participation.  I love that you are all very vocal, want only to see the best on the site, and keep us on our toes!  Thank you for all your work over the past year and I look forward to our continued collaboration on the site. 


Joann Hartman

Cisco Systems, CSC Business Owner

Cisco Employee

Congratulations to the 2018 VIPs class!  Thank you for your help and expertise!  We wouldn't have the community without your contributions.  So for the sake of our customers, Thank You and we look forward to the coming year! 

Kara Owen, Dir of Engineering, Services

Cisco Employee

Congratulations to this year’s team of VIPs!!! We really appreciate the efforts you all put in to this community and share your expertise with broader folks out on this community.  It is contribution from VIPs like you which make this community lively and rich source of knowledge. Thanks once again for your continued collaboration and dedication for the community.


Manish Sanghi

CSC Engineering Owner

Community Manager

Hello VIP's,


We really honor your valued contributions and your participation for CSC. The entire team values and appreciates each VIP of class 2018.


Thank you so much for your time and extreme dedication.  




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