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New Cisco Community "Meet the Authors" Program

Community Manager


Have you ever wondered about the story behind a Cisco Press book? Would you like to know more about the authors and how they became renowned experts? Would you like to get a synopsis of Cisco Press Books provided by their authors? If you’re interested, we have great news for you! This month Cisco Community is introducing a new program called “Meet the Authors.” With this program, you’ll have a great opportunity to learn more about Cisco Press authors and the key content featured in their books.  

Cisco Press was established in 1996. Since then, it has published more than 400 technology titles and distributed over 3 million products. Cisco Press books cover a wide range of IT Technology and Cisco certification topics. You can find books and software products for all levels of expertise: from basic topics, such as IP and routing fundamentals, to advanced topics, such as architecture and network design.

Today, Cisco Press books are considered as top-in-the-industry resources for training and reference material for those pursing and building an IT career. Leading experts from Cisco and other industry innovators are the ones who write and contribute to the various Cisco Press titles and series.

Have you ever wondered who they are? Why they wrote this book? What drove them to become a leading authority or innovator? Or what is the key content they wanted to share with others?

The new “Meet the Authors” program is a series of -hour live events where you will learn more about the Cisco Press authors, their stories, and will have an opportunity interact with them in real time. 


These sessions start with introduction where you get to know more about the authors and their stories, and a synopsis of the book where the author(s) explain in some level of detail the main topics of the book.

The “Meet the Authors” events will be recorded, and the recordings will be available in Cisco Community. In order to attend session,  registration is required.

Note that during each “Meet the Authors” event, you can be the lucky winner of a signed copy of the book. Don’t miss the opportunity!

FAQ regarding the new program

When the new “Meet the Authors” program starts?

The first “Meet the Authors” event is scheduled for late October. All Cisco Community members are invited to participate. Please feel free to find the upcoming sessions at the “Events” section and register to any of them.

How can I participate on these events?

To participate in any of the upcoming “Meet the Authors” events, please click on “Events” in Cisco Community and select the session you are interested in. Once you’re there, click on the “Register Today” button at the top/end of the page and fill out the details. When you complete the registration form, you will receive a confirmation email. Don’t forget to add the invitation to your calendar so you don’t miss the event. 

If you would like us to feature a particular Cisco Press author or book, please send an email to Community Events Manager.

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