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Security Community is being Re-Structured

Monica Lluis
Community Manager




You've have spoken: we have heard you!  We have great news!

We will be restructuring the Security category by moving and relabeling content, as well as combining some discussion boards. Our intention is to streamline the navigation to make it more logical and to help you find resources and answers more efficiently.
We have worked with Cisco's BUs to put the plan together. In a nutshell, we are combining the 4 boards that have discussions related to Firewalls, FirePOWER, IPS-IDS and Security Management into one board called Network Security. The ISE and Policy and Access boards will become one board called Network Access Control. Finally, the Advanced Threats board will be renamed to Endpoint Security, and the board VPN and AnyConnect will simply be VPN .

Below is a visual of the mapping of the boards:


What You Can Expect:

  1. The transition will start on Monday February 17 at around 10:30 PM PST time.
  2. This is expected to be completed by Friday February 21st, by EOD.
  3. There is no expected downtime on the community. However, since scripts will be running, you might find it slow.
  4. There will be visible changes with number of posts on each of the boards as content is moved. Also, you might temporary see more boards. However, this won't affect your experience and you'll be able to post your questions as usual.
  5. Redirects of the content that is moved are going to be automatically created, so that if you are subscribed to posts, boards, or you've bookmarked content; we expect you will be able to locate it.
  6. To avoid spam and filling your inboxes with unnecessary emails, email  and web notifications will be turned off across the community while the movement and relabeling of content is in progress. The reason is that anytime content is updated, an email notification is sent to subscribers (we've learned from previous experiences!).

If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to email us at


Thank you for those who provided feedback, like Marvin Rhoads, Neno Spasov and many others - we greatly appreciate it!. Also, thank you for your patience while we enhance the Security community experience for all of you!


Thanks for letting us know!


Thanks for letting us know! :)

Monica Lluis
Community Manager

Quick Update. The move script has completed. Now you will see the NEW structure. Use the mapping Image in the blog above to identify where the posts are in the new structure. We're in the process of changing all the labels.

Thank you all for your patience while we finish this needed cleanup. Should you have any questions, don't hesitate to contact us at