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Please note the Webex For Developers forum above has a more active community. Content will be migrating to this forum in the near future. For additional help, you can go to the Webex for Developers Support page.

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Hi, i am trying to integrate webex meetings in my ios application. App send xml body like this :using (instead apidemoeu) my siteName and valid email and password:"<?xml version="1.0" encoding="ISO-8859-1"?><serv:message xmlns:xsi="

Hi, i am using the XML API for creating a meeting.In our case the meeting is weekly repeat type.A sample XML Request has below xml for weekly repeat<repeat>    <repeatType>WEEKLY</repeatType>    <dayInWeek>        <day>SUNDAY</day>        <day>MONDAY...

According to the XML guide, admins have site wide GetloginTicket permissions, but the spec provides to way of passing the WebEx ID of the user you want the ticket for. Is there a way to retrieve a login ticket for a host user that you do not have the...

Hi team,I am using XML Api and want to know  if there is any way form where i can fetch the video minutes for that meeting.ex :i have hosted 1 webex meeting 2 participants has joined using audio and 2 has joined using audioVideo .so i want to know to...

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I have a tool that does work on behalf of users (create/edit/etc meetings, recordings). Right now I have to store the password in a database so that I can continue to do things as that user - which is... sub optimal.Every other API I've ever dealt wi...