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XML API call to reassign an Event / Training session to a new host


Is it possible to reassign an event or a training session through the XML API to a new host like you can do through the Site Administration page?

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Greetings! There isn't a direct way to do this, but you could use SetMeeting to do this, adding a new host to the meeting:


    <bodyContent xsi:type="java:com.webex.service.binding.meeting.SetMeeting">






                        <name>New Host</name>












A similar question, is it possible to programmatically re-assign an already recorded meeting? I looked through the various API calls and did not find anything that could handle it. This step in particular:

Re-assign Recording.PNG

It is not possible to do this programatically, only via the WebEx web admin page.

Hi Michael,

  I am looking for calls that work for Events or Training sessions.  The code snippet you posted is for Meetings.  I know there is a setEvent call where I can pass in something similar but it does not include an option to set the type as HOST.  The only valid values according to the documentation are "MEMBER, VISITOR and PANELIST." The xsd also says that you could send SME ( I don't know what that means) or SALESTEAM.

  I am able to register a user as a panelist, but that does not mark them as an Alternate Host and they are not able to start the Event.

I apologize, you are correct there is a different way to do this. In setTrainingSession, you can use otherHostWebExID.

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