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Resolved! Example for request parameter with SSO

I see the API ref. the document, I can use request header as below<header>   <securityContext>   <webExID>hostid</webExID>   <password>hostpass...

shkuzu by Cisco Employee
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Resolved! Can I control playing video archive with API?

My customer would like to do the followingThey are looking forward to using API for learning management system Can they embed the video player in a HTML?Can they control "play" "pause" and "stop" with API? Can WebEx log the video start time/end time?...

shkuzu by Cisco Employee
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Resolved! Here i have tried for authentication it's working,But for Create Meeting it's not working .Why?Otherwise is any another process is there.

Xml Request:-Authentication:-RequestURL:-<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?><serv:message xmlns:xsi="" xmlns:serv="

atchuta by Beginner
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WebEx API record an Event session

Is there a way to indicate through the XML API that a WebEx Event session should be recorded?  I see there is a LstRecordedEvent call but no reference anywhere to how to record an event so that it can be listed.Is there also a way to mark a Training ...

bbalzarini by Beginner
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Resolved! Start Event / Training via API request

I see that Meeting Center has a GethosturlMeeting which returns a url that can be used to start the meeting.  Is there anything like that for Event Center or Training Center?  I would like to have a button in my application that can be pressed or a l...

Resolved! SiteName for On Premise installation

Hi,  I'm trying to use webex XML api for some automation and I dont know how to initialize the securityContext object. What value should I use for siteName? Our meeting server is hosted on premise and its address is something like  Tri...

Resolved! WebEx XML API Integration with LMS which is already using SSO for webex...

Hello,Below is the scenarion in which i want some inputs for implementation of webex xml api . We have developed LMS web application, and there is a customer who is using Ping Identity for all their third party websites for authentication, including ...