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Add new spark users to a space


I am new to Spark and I am trying to get ready for a full deployment in my organization.  As part of that push, I want to be able to add users to a space as soon as the user account is created (an internal "Welcome to Spark" Space). 

Does anyone know if this Is this possible? 

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I found this link to information for setting up custom onboarding of Spark users.

Cisco Spark | Custom Onboarding and Other Cisco Spark ...

I hope this helps.

Kelli Glass

Moderator for Cisco Customer Communities

Thanks Kelli.

I see how this can use this for an initial deployment (even though it is way over my head right now but i will work to change that) but it would be useful if this could be done via the spark admin page.

A use case would be for our support desk to on-board a new user and either have them added to the team automatically (much like group membership in CUCM) or the rooms can be selected manually.


I'm writing a web form where employees can request access to spark.  Users will enter their email address which will kick off a some API calls to:

1.) send spark invite,

2.) add them to the company team,

3.) and initiate a 1-on-1 chat with a bot that has some how to info on spark.

Slack has something like this as a prebuilt widget for teams.  Haven't found it anywhere for spark yet


If you add the Eurl bot ( to the space and that will give you a URL that users can click to join

@stephen_brile wrote:

If you add the Eurl bot ( to the space and that will give you a URL that users can click to join

i still don't see it

Hi @stephen_brile  - How to add Eurl bot to the teams space?

If you are trying to add EURL to the space you need to add EURL as a user as you would another person. First, here are the current Webex Team integration offerings:



Add Bots and Integrations

If the tool you want to integrate requires you to create an account, create it before adding the integration.



Go to the Cisco Webex App Hub and click Log in using your Webex Teams app user name and password.


Click your profile picture and select My Webex Teams Integrations to see your current integrations.


Click Webex Teams.


Click the icon of the integration or bot you want to add or connect to:

  • To add an integration click Connect.

    Some integrations may have unique requirements, review the details in the Cisco Webex App Hub.

  • To add a bot click Add to Space. The spaces listed are spaces with two or more people or team spaces. However, you can start a conversation directly with the bot, create a space and add the bot using the bot name and For example, add the Help bot using

Follow the prompts to add your bot or integration to a space in the Webex Teams app.


Here is the source:


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