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AMA-CUCM Troubleshooting: Best Practices for Reading Trace Files


Re: Announcing Cisco Mobile for Android


any news for galaxy note ?

It looks like the phone is not able to correctly sends the SIP register messages. When we sniff data from CUCM, we have have part of the packets.

Then both CUCM and the phone drop the link. I've made some tests with wifi direct link (working with a galaxy tab and the same BOT profile) and I also tested with anyconnect.

I was thinking of a fragmentation issue, but I'm able to log on CUCM admin page, so I'm quite lost for the moment...

This phone is pretty nice to use (screen is really good) and that's a pity to not being able to connect it to CUCM.

Users also really wants to use their phone for video conferences...

Thanks for your feedback,


Rising star

Re: Announcing Cisco Mobile for Android


I see you posted a similar question in the Private Collaboration User Group and are working with the Technical Engineer to find an answer to your question.

Thank you for your participation in the Community.

Kelli Glass

Moderator for the Cisco Collaboration Community and User Group


Re: Announcing Cisco Mobile for Android

Is there at least some sort of Roadmap maybe that can be shared with us on what is happening with the Android Jabber client?

Re: Announcing Cisco Mobile for Android

You're right, it could be quite usefull.

According to our first tests some features look better than current version : secure connect is working !!!

But we're waiting for other features like Video. Another one, very important for people doing roaming, is ... roaming management. Will it be possible to stop 3G connection when roaming ?

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