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Hello,I have a customer that is excited by the announcement of an iOS app that will allow Show and Share to extend to iPhones and iPads. Is there any information that can be provided? Specifically what I'm after is the release date of the app and the...

Hello everyone,We're trying to integrate meeting place and webex with our presence service to allow Jabber and CUP users to use all of the available features we have.We're having some issues to get webex up and running because we're getting a "The We...

Hello!  I have a few questions:(1)Is there a way to paste an image onto the current slide of a presentation I'm delivering in the Training Center?Example:I ask participants to point to something on the current presentation slide that is incorrect. I ...

Hi - I'm newer to facilitating using the Training Center and have some questions:Can I add a test to an Instant training session (as opposed to only a scheduled session)?Why am I unable to send use the Q&A feature during a session?  I have the featur...

Is there a reason why I can't send audio through my desk phone when using a 9971 or Cius as my desk phone?Message was edited on April 19, 2013:  Lisa Marcyes from the Cisco Collaboration Community Team added community category and tags for greater ea...

beerygaz by Beginner
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We are starting to use videos in our Webex meetings.  However, we find that the videos are occupying too much real estate on our screen with the default layout.  That raises two questions: 1. can we change the size of the top video feed?  This is the...

Kjaslow11 by Beginner
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