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Jabber for Windows G.722

Hello community.I would like to ask Cisco representatives on that board if Jabber for Windows will support G.722?I know that J4W support G.722.1, but this is not G.722 Now you can not have HD audio between IP Phone and J4W. I don't know what is the o...

pfalgowski by Beginner
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Jabber 9.1.2 'away' status

Hi all,I have an employee running on Jabber 9.1.2. The problem is that his client is setting his status to 'away' when he isn't. I have changed the settings so that it doesn't show him as away after 15 minutes or when he lock's his computer but I am ...

outlook status

Hi all,We have a client using LDAP ,one of the employee can't see the status of anthoer employee using outlook. it sometimes shows him that the other guy offline on the outlook while actually the guy is online,and sometimes it works. ?Thanks in advan...