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Bulk removal of contacts

Level 4
Level 4

So, the bulk import works great to add contacts.

Is there anyway to automatically remove contacts when staff leave the company?

We currently use office communicator and it allows us to remove the contacts from

everyones lists. Granted it's not hard to right click and select remove.....but our end

user community will see that as a negative change.

It's too bad the bulk import didn't have another field for ADD/REMOVE

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Cisco Employee
Cisco Employee

Can you provide a screenshot of this?

Screenshot of what?

If you are asking about how office communicator handles it - then that is completed by way of a wsf script that microsoft created. The script can take two files "to be removed" and "to be removed from" with a switch of /delete and the contacts are removed from the "to be removed from" group. The same script does the add process.

LCSAddContacts.wsf is the name of the script.

Similar to the bulk import but it's performed from the command line rather than thru the systems web admin.

AFAIK, there is currently no functionality to offically do this.

I wonder from the development side of things if it's possible?

Of course you'd had to impersonate each user to remove it from their list.

Maybe I need to check out the developer API's to see what might be exposed.

Level 1
Level 1

Same here,

We definitely want to remove contacts from the lists of all users, to keep up with the changes in our company.


Level 1
Level 1

I have just the tool for you.  An open source Powershell module that can add/remove/rename Presence contacts in-bulk using AXL.

On the main project page there is an example of how you can remove a specific contact globally (i.e. from everyone's contact list).

I started this module a few weeks ago specifically for CUP contact management, but I intend to make it a more general purpose AXL module.  Other useful things you can do with it.  This has been tested with CUP 8.6.

  • Bullk add contacts from a CSV file.
  • Backup contacts to a CSV file
  • Rename contacts globally
  • View or add entries to the Allow/Block list of a Jabber user
  • Manage Licensing > Capabilities Assignment for Jabber licensing (connect to CUCM for this)
  • Assign or move users to CUP nodes withing a cluster

It can also do a few other things not related to CUP.  These have been tested with CUCM 8.6.

  • List line appearances for a given DN
  • Set attributes for a phone (very limited at the moment)
  • Show all Extension Mobility logins
  • Bulk Extension Mobility logout and login!

And even more features.  These are database-related and can be used to

  • List database tables or details of a specific table (column names & types).
  • List database stored procedures or the source code of a specific stored procedure.
  • Execute general SQL queries, updates, or stored procedures.  The SQL statement can come from the command line or from a file.

If this all sounds sounds like a plug, that's exactly what it is.  But I am not making any money on this, I just want to get the word out since I think many people will find it very useful, and I'm not aware of any similar tool out there.  The only thing I know of that comes close is pyAXL, but that seems to be a dead project, and is specific to CUCM (no CUP capability).  If you would like specific features added or are interested in contributing to this module, please let me know.

Just want to call out that AXL isn't an officially supported external interface on CUP, so any CUP issues related to the use of this powershell module won't be supported. CUP can natively do the following using the its Bulk Administration Tool (BAT).

  • Bulk add contacts from a CSV file.
  • Backup contacts to a CSV file
  • Rename contacts globally (from 8.6.5 onwards)

Stephen - The BAT tool works for adding (although it seems a litle clunky). Doesn't address the deletion side of things.

Is the bulk deletion of contact list fixed in the latest release of IMP? Thanks!

This is really needed, either in the IM&P server, or in a downloadable toolkit.

I have a user that can't use Jabber(client dies) because of something in his contact list.


Thanks so much for this incredible tool! I had been working on pretty much the same thing on my own. I was looking through your source on the Google repository and see a lot of custom SQL commands. Can you please tell me where I might find the reference you used to generate these commands? I see that CUCM has a data dictionary, but not IM and Presence. Thanks!


As a side note, I would like to contribute to your project by adding the capability to get/modify the vCard information stored in each contact. This would let me create "pretty contacts". =)

Thanks Jarad.  I too, was not able to find a reference for the IM and Presence database.  Instead I learned would I could by looking at the structure of the tables & stored procedures..  The Get-Table and Get-StoredProc cmdlets where written for this purpose.  That is, to make it easy to export the list of tables & their fields and also the list of stored procedures & their definitions.

I would welcome your contributions to the project.  Please contact me directly, perhaps via the Google Code page.

Google Code no longer exists, so I moved the AXL PowerShell Module to GitHub.

Gilbert Mejia
Level 1
Level 1

Cisco shoulld develop something to address the request of administration of contact lists.