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C.E.R. and E911

We have set up a new site in Canada, and we would like to use CER, but we are having problems setting it up. We were told that apparently, CER only supports US Addresses, I was almost positive that over the years we reconciled that issue is their a fixed anyone knows of.

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Jonathan Schulenberg
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CER certainly has some North American Numbering Plan assumptions but Canada is part of that numbering plan. CER can be used in global deployments despite those assumptions with the probable exception of Off-Premises ERLs which require a 10-digit EPNM with at least one X wildcard. Conventional ERLs, even Intrado/RedSky/9Line ERLs, & ELINs for on-premises locations should work fine.

Thank you sir, when you set this up did you keep any notes that may assist me in the configuration of this?

Apparently, CER only supports US Addresses?  Curious if you have other customers with international sites and what they do for E911?


CER ERL Conventional ERL ALI Information.png

The civic address is not explicitly US, but it probably doesn't matter. In practice, the location details in CER only matter when:

  • You are using an Intrado ERL with a national provider, e.g. Intrado, RedSky, 9Line, etc. AFAIK these providers only exist in North America.
  • You intend to export/import to a telephone company's PS-ALI database instead of the provider managing the ALI record for you (aka SP-ALI).
  • Your on-site notification recipients want to see the location details from the CER User webpage.

The location details only directly impact call routing in the first of those three bullet points. For a Conventional ERL the location could be entirely made up; calls would still route as expected.

I will put this to the test, thank you so very much.