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Cannot use telephony services in cisco jabber for windows


I have deployed Cisco CUCM vesion 10.5 and Cisco IM&P version 10.5. 

I follow the next steps to integrate CUCM and IM&P

  • CUCM
    • Add IM&P Server into CUCM
    • Create a SIP Trunk Security Profile
    • Create a SIP Trunk
    • Create a UC Service for CTI and for IMPresence
    • Create a Service Profile and Select the previous UC Services
    • Create Users with proper settings (Enable users for  IM  and Presence) and select the UC  Service Profile created. Associate the correct device.
    • Create CSF devices 
  • IM&P
    • Activate all Services
    • Enable Messaging Settings
    • Create a CCMCIP Profile and making this the default
    • Create a Gateway (target CUCM)
    • Presence Settings, selecting the correct publish trunk
    • Selecting "Default Cisco SIP Proxy TCP Listener

when logging with cisco jabber (windows) I can not use telephony services, I can only use IM.

Please help..!!  I did this with version 10.0.1 and this worked very well.!!1






Yash Rohilla

Hi Banst8801,


Could you please verify if the following things have been completed:

- The End user page has the phone associated in the controlled devices list?

- The End user has the CTI Enabled and CCM End User roles?


Also, what do you see when you've logged into Jabber? Do you see the little icon on the bottom left hand corner of the computer or phone? Is it grayed out with a red X? Are you able to click on it and select a device?


What do you see when you go into Settings -> Help -> Show Connection Status, on Jabber?





I have the almost similar problem.

I installed IM&P Server 10.5 yesterday and integrated with my UCM 10.5.

I can chat, share screen and receive inbound calls only BUT NO OUTBOUND CALLS AT ALL.

When I try to dial out, I get the annunciator so seems like I am missing some configuration.

I am using normal dialling rules and able to dial out from my desk phones, do I have to create any special application dial rules ?

Also I don't see any option for Peer to Peer calling on Jabber.

Any Help ?






         When you say "telephony services cannot be used", is it that you see a red cross on Jabber for Softphone? or is it that you are not able to control the deskphone? From your description,it seems to be a problem with Softphone mode.


Cisco TAC.


Hi Gangabhavani,

Effectivelly, softphone mode does not work.



For softphone registration issues,we need to see if Jabber is downloading the csf device's configuration file from the TFTP server.As you mentioned that a UC service profile was configured on CCM,are you using 'Automatic' login with _cisco-uds srv on the DNS? If that is the case,then can you check what this URL gives you in the browser?

http://<CCM IP address of FQDN>:6970/<csfdevice.cnf.xml>

Note - The IP or FQDN that you put above should have the tftp service activated and running on it.The correct output of the above will be an xml file with the configuration of CSF device.If you see it,then check the 'Device Pool' in there and see if the CallManager group has the host names or ip addresses for CCM.




Hi Sankar,

The jabber client is set it up to use "Cisco IM & Presence" for login, no "Automatic" login.

By the way, I was using RTMT to see if I can find something and I've found this (screenshot attached).

When a cisco jabber client login, the "HttpRequestsNotFound" value increases. Is this indicate something? I guess the client can not download the csf device configuration.




      So you login into Jabber Windows by entering the IM&P server details manually under 'Advance Settings' right? That being the case, please check if the TFTP information is provided under:

IM and Presence Administration Page > Application > Legacy Client Settings > Primary TFTP Server.

Jabber needs this information to be able to download the csf device configuration file.The UC service profile you configured will be used only with Automatic login (just by entering the username@domain name and then the password in the second screen).

Note- if you want to define the TFTP information as hostname or fqdn instead of IP,ensure that the name is resolvable from the client PC that has Jabber installed.



Yes, I use the "Advanced Settingns" option to manually enter the info of the IM&P server.

IM&P server:

-On the IM&P server, the pirmary TFTP Server is the correct (screenshot attached).

-Also I have a CCMCIP profile for users (Primary CCMCIP host:, the sama as TFTP).

Something interesting is that there isn't the "Legacy clients" tab. (screenshot attached)


-Perhaps something is missing in the CSF device configuration (screenshot attached)


By the way, thanks for your time.


Sorry,you're right about the Legacy Clients option.I sent my previous suggestion after checking version 9.x of IM&P.On 10.5,it's renamed.

I don't think there is a configuration issue on the CSF device.Two quick ways to check if Jabber is able to download the CSF configuration file is by taking a packet capture from the client PC from the time jabber is launched till the time it logs in to display redx for softphone.Once the capture is collected,use a filter like tcp.port==6970 to see the http GET request from the client to TFTP and the response.

Another way is to download the csf file from the command prompt of the PC like this:

tftp -i GET <csfdevice.cnf.xml> -- this will work only if TFTP client service is activated under Programs and Features section of the client PC's control panel.



Yeah, no problem.

I made a test, and effectively the client can download the CSF.cnf.xml file (screenshot attached).

I don't know what could be the problem. Perhaps license? The system is not licensed yet.






      If the Device Pool of the CSF device has hostname for CCM (in CM group) and that is resolvable from the client PC,then the problem is to with the Call Manager service status on the server.But though the node is not licensed,the service will run for some days (90 days i guess) and then stops after that.So as long as the service is activated and running currently,i will check the device pool information to ensure there are no connectivity issues to CCM.



The device pool used by the jabber clients is the same that is used by the desktop phones. Desktop phones work ok.

This is making me crazy.! 

Also I considered the SIP profile used by the CSFdevice. I read that the "Timer Register Delta " parameter in the SIP profile could cause registration issues if the value is large.




Hi Esteban,


Could you please verify to see if you are able to telnet into port 5060 from your machine.

After enabling telnet on your machine, please type the following command in the command prompt:

telnet <CUCM IP> 5060

If you see a blank screen afterwards with a blinking cursor on top, it means that the port is open.

If it times out or you get a connection refused, please ensure that the port is opened since it is used for softphone control.




Hi Yash,

The problem was the domain name. 






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