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Cannot use telephony services in cisco jabber for windows


I have deployed Cisco CUCM vesion 10.5 and Cisco IM&P version 10.5. 

I follow the next steps to integrate CUCM and IM&P

  • CUCM
    • Add IM&P Server into CUCM
    • Create a SIP Trunk Security Profile
    • Create a SIP Trunk
    • Create a UC Service for CTI and for IMPresence
    • Create a Service Profile and Select the previous UC Services
    • Create Users with proper settings (Enable users for  IM  and Presence) and select the UC  Service Profile created. Associate the correct device.
    • Create CSF devices 
  • IM&P
    • Activate all Services
    • Enable Messaging Settings
    • Create a CCMCIP Profile and making this the default
    • Create a Gateway (target CUCM)
    • Presence Settings, selecting the correct publish trunk
    • Selecting "Default Cisco SIP Proxy TCP Listener

when logging with cisco jabber (windows) I can not use telephony services, I can only use IM.

Please help..!!  I did this with version 10.0.1 and this worked very well.!!1








Finally I could register softphone on cisco jabber client..!!! But this only works when the client is in the voice vlan.





Hi Esteban,

         Based on what you stated,it appears that the register message from the Jabber client either never reached CCM or that it did but the response from the sever did not make it back.Perhaps due to vlan routing issues,do you think it could be a possibility?


Hi Sankar,

The domain name was missing in the dhcp pool configuration, that was the problem. Now Cisco Jabber works.!





      Outbound call failure typically happens if the CSF device does not have the correct Calling Search Space and Partition to make a call to the destination. One thing you can do is compare the CSS/Partition settings of the deskphone and softphone. If they are both same,then if you are dialing a E.164 number, then it has to be modified using Application Dial Rules to be able to route the call. What is the number that you're trying to dial from Jabber?


Cisco TAC


Hi Gangabhavani,

Thanks for your valued input. I have manage to make it working via adding the new Route pattern for E.164 but still having one difficulty left... and that is I can't see peer to peer calling option on Jabber :(

 Do I need to add some application dial rules ? if yes, how ?







     Glad to see that your outbound calling issue is resolved.Can you elaborate what are you referring to here as by saying "peer to peer calling option on Jabber"?


Okay, i got it.You are talking about calls between Jabber clients without CUCM, right? This feature is currently not available and will be implemented in version 11.1.0. But only for Cloud deployments that use WebEx instead of IM and presence server.

Hope this answers your second question.



Thanks for quick response but I have seen in some training videos that people using Jabber version 9 can do calls between Jabber so how come its not available in 10.5 Version :(

When you please explain cloud deployment ? Sorry for my ignorance

One more thing... I believe Jabber should be using CUCM for all calling so we already have CUCM in place and configured...

 If I dial the DN from PSTN which is associated with my Jabber client.. Jabber rings and answer the call so it means its using CUCM for calling (Inbound/Outbound).

Only issue left is we cannot see the option for Jabber to Jabber calling.... like we do see between Lync.

Can you describe what Jabber to Jabber calling is?Do you mean the ability to initiate a call by clicking on the contact name in Jabber instead of typing the number in the search bar?

Cloud deployment means Jabber Windows will login against WebEx server instead of Cisco Presence server.But CUCM will be in the company location itself.


Yes, that is correct... Just one click call click..  

In the above video link, it is mentioned at around 1:03. 

So looking at our scenario where we have our own UCM and IM&P server, there is no way we can have this feature, is that what you saying ? 

I was confused initially when you mentioned Jabber to Jabber calling.The video you shared is just about placing a call from Jabber by using the phone icon against a contact name instead of typing the number in the search bar.

If that icon is missing against a contact, then the phone number is not retrieved from the LDAP server when the contact is added.Are you using an Active Directory server to search for contacts and add them to Jabber?If it is true,ensure that telephone number attribute is populated for the users in the server.Jabber requests this attribute by default when a search is done.Only when the response from LDAP has a value for this attribute in its response,the icon will appear.

Hope this helps.


Hi Zahid,

      For your issue with missing phone icon against a contact in Jabber,did you check the LDAP server for the attribute i mentioned?


Cisco TAC.


Hello Gangabhavani,

 LDAP was working great with the IM&P & CUCM but the main issue was with URI Dialling. 

Unfortunately the information you provided me that Jabber to Jabber calls only supports in Version 11 via WebEx account is NOT correct.

 I have manage to make it working SIP URI Dialling, all we have to do is create/amend the "jabber-config.xml" file (via Jabber Config Generator) and make sure directory uri is set to TRUE, once that done just upload the file to the tftp server (also restart the tftp services).

 When you sign into the Jabber, you should be able to see email address for URI Dialling in Jabber. 

Here is the link to download this useful tool ... 

HI Yash,


1_The end user page has the phone associated in the controlled devices list?  A.- Yes (screenshot attached)

2_The End user has the CTI Enabled and CCM End User roles?  A.- Yes

3_Also, what do you see when you've logged into Jabber? Do you see the little icon on the bottom left hand corner of the computer or phone? Is it grayed out with a red X?

A.- There is grayed out with a red X (Screenshot attached)

4_Are you able to click on it and select a device?- Yes, and I can control desktop phone (Screenshot attached)

5_What do you see when you go into Settings -> Help -> Show Connection Status, on Jabber?

A.- Softphone not connected (Screenshot attached)

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