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Cisco Mobile 8.1 for iPhone is here - have you tried it?

Hi everyone,

Cisco Mobile 8.1 has recently been added to the Apple iTunes store. Have you tried it?

The main additions to Cisco Mobile 8.1 from v8.0 are multitasking and Bluetooth headset support.

With Apple iOS 4, Cisco Mobile 8.1 can run in the background so you are  always  ready to make or receive calls over an available wireless  network.

Cisco  Mobile 8.1 requires Apple iOS 4.2 and is supported on  the following Apple  handsets: iPhone 3GS, iPhone 4, 3rd and 4th  Generation iPod touch, and iPad.

If  you use an iPhone 3G, please  download Cisco Mobile 8.0 instead.

What do you think of the new multitasking feature? I find it much easier to run Mobile 8.1 in the background, especially for receiving Wi-Fi calls.

You can find more information in the datasheet. We will also be publishing a helpful Deployment Guide and Overview Video to the product page in the very near future.

Please share your feedback!


Mark Gervase

Collaboration Solutions Marketing

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The Cisco Mobile 8.1 for iPhone Deployment Guide is now available. You can use this to avoid common areas of confusion when deploying Cisco Mobile. Let us know if this guide is helpful as a supplement to the product documentation.



Collaboration Solutions Marketing


I would like to know if there is deployment guide for Cisco Mobile 8.1 for Iphone with new CME 8.6?

Thank you!


Pavel, you can find information about configuring Cisco Unified Communications Manager Express to support Cisco Mobile for iPhone in the Admin Guide:

Hopefully this helps.


Dear Mark, thank you very much!

I've already used this guide to add Iphone to CME 8.6, had no problem with that.

Still I experience problem to register Iphone, this is the reason I ask for complete deployment guide. It will be very helpful for many users.


Pavel, I understand now. Thanks for the additional information and feedback. We do have plans to issue more documentation but I can't say exactly when it will be published. Stay tuned. I recommend trying the Collaboration Support Community ( to see if there's a technical expert who can be of more assistance than me.

Best of luck!




  I  have install in on my iphone 4. version 4.3.1 os

   we are using the CUCM 8.5.0. i have been getting the verification timed out  message ?

  i have followed all the steps from the admin guide pdf and still getting the  V.T.O message.

This community does not provide technical support and is not staffed with technical support experts. I recommend you post this and future technical support questions to the Cisco SupportCommunity ( where our Cisco technical support experts provide assistance. Another option is to open a ticket with the Cisco Technical Assistance Center ( to get expert debugging help.

We do want you to participate in the Cisco Collaboration Community and to also join our Cisco Collaboration User Group program!  In the community, we encourage your discussion/sharing around collaboration topics and Cisco Collaboration Solutions, including business and IT requirements, industry trends, process, culture/organization issues, how collaboration can be used to transform businesses, vendor selection, adoption, training, architecture, licensing, and product features/functionality. If you are a customer or partner, you can also join the user group program to be eligible for member-only events and influence product direction.

We hope to hear from you again.

Kelli Glass, Moderator Collaboration Community and User Groups

I am able to find only mobile 8.0 on appstore...but can not find mobile8.1. Can't figure out how to update the apps?

Cisco mobile is the old version/naming

It is now called Cisco jabber on the App Store



Hi All,

I read the document suggested but I have some questions, can anybody assist please?

This is basically what the document says...

Support for Cisco Jabber

Cisco Unified CME 8.6 and later versions support Cisco Jabber. The softphone SIP client is an iPhone application
and works as a SIP softphone. The SIP softphone client is capable of supporting VoIP over WLAN. Cisco Unified CME 8.6 supports supplementary services such as Hold, Resume, Transfer, Call Park, and Call Pickup for the softphone SIP

Based on the above I have the following questions:

  1. Is it correct to assume VPN SSL will be required for remote users, and this could be Essentials or Premium plus the VPN Mobile license?
  2. Another question I have is, is Jabber for Android supported on a CME environment?
  3. I know IM&Presence require another client, but is it supported on CME with CallConnector?

Any assistance or documentation will be greatly appreciated!

Thank you,


Hi Sara

answer to your questions

1. yes - SSL VPN will be required

2. jabber for android is on roadmap, not supported currently

3. for im and presence there is a UCC connector for CME



Hi Mili, thank you so much for your reply. Could you please let me know what license I need for the iPhone on CME? I thought it was the enhanced but I see there is an iPhone license as well and my customer has been told he would need both for the iPhone = enhanced + iPhone CME that correct?

Thank you!


Sent from my iPad

Hi Sara

For CME, you need the CME Seat licenses and the phone user license. So for iphone you need the CME seat licenses (FL-CME-SRST-xx=) and the enhanced phone user license for iphone.



Himank Pande

Hi Team,

Do we have Cisco Mobile still available for usage?


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