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Video Call to a Telepresence unit's URI?

Wondering if there is any development for the ability to do a video call to a TelePresence unit's URI?

I thought that this was a feature that was being developed as a replacement for the JabberForEveryone serving that Cisco put up a couple of years ago.

Still looking.


Not sure I follow you can call a video uri from jabber or jabber guest



Tim Cappel

Rowan showed off calling into a telepresence room at one of the events.  However since then not much has been said about this.  I believe that the plan is to make the Spark client an enterprise voice device tied to the individual.  In which case you would be able to dial in and out of the client to whatever device/bridge you want. 

Okay I didn't realize you were asking in connection with Spark. If so yes that hasn't been released yet in terms of making spark control a video endpoint, dial URI.

They did cover in a recent VOE session about dialing a URI in Spark to reach a video endpoint to replace the free ciscojabbervideo program but I haven't seen anything after that

This is the feature I was wondering about.  The ciscojabbervideo replacement was expected to be here by now, I thought.  Just wondering where it was and how soon it was to be here?

Please watch the Collaboration Partner Launch Regional Webcast or the broadcasts happening at Collaboration Summit next month.

stgreenb Hi, has there been any update on this? Aside from some community posts by Cisco employees in March/April 2015 saying that this was a top priority (even back in the Project Squared days), and being told by my regional manager that this feature would be available in Q4 of 2015, there has been nothing as far as I know. My firm has effectively lost a year of its TelePresenece subscription and use of SX20s because ciscojabbervideo was discontinued without a replacement. Thank you.

Hey Matt,

I believe that they are accomplishing this by giving the option to have two different types of calling in and out of the client.  Either Cloud Calling (and purchasing a PSTN partner) or with Hybrid Services Call Connector.  The second being for customers whom already have a fairly robust call cluster setup and they want to extend their calling capability to the Spark client.  I know this isn't exactly what we saw last March I believe it was with the client calling into a TP room.  But this should accomplish that goal when it comes out.  Hope this helps a little bit.

Jonathan George

My Spark client (and I'm just a "free" user) - now shows a calls tab (both iOS and Mac desktop client). Just tested this and I can call a Cisco SIP URI from the Spark client.

Also, if you didn't know every room in Spark has a SIP address (you can access this via the API) - this means you could in theory call into a Spark room from a TP unit.

Cool stuff!

Jonathan -

I'd be interested to know if you called a public SIP URI, you're own personal address for instance, or a Cisco hosted address such as a WebEx Meeting Center CMR?

I've been able to call my WebEx CMR, but nothing beyond that.  I'm using the free version of Spark as you.

Hi Patrick,

I was calling into a WebEx Cloud CMR meeting, I also tried calling one of my old colleagues on their video address and this also worked - to be clear this means calling or - I haven't tried any other public SIP URI.

So maybe limited rather than a generic SIP client in terms of destinations to call.




Did some further tests and was able to call these test URIs that I just found on google:

So it looks like the calling isn't limited to just Cisco URIs - even with the free version! #result

im in the same boat.  i can call our cmr rooms, but cannot call into our tp endpoints sitting on our vcs. 

wondering if there is a different srv configuration we need.

I am able to call our tp endpoints from outside through our VCS. Works fine calling my spark account from the tp room as well.

The standard SRV records from the VCS config guide should work just fine.

Are you able to call in using any other external SIP service, like lifesizeweb and such?

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