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Cisco Paging Server/InformaCast Broadcast Ring

Hi InformaCast, 

We have just setup the BE6k with the InformaCast Paging Server. 
It is currently installed with Basic license and trial Advanced license. 
Our healthcare customer is migrating from analog PBX to our UC IP PBX. 
There is a need to replicate the same function of their so-called emergency paging workflow
They call it CODE BLUE emergency. 
Process flow as below
1. When there is cardiac arrest; nurse will Dial 7777(CodeBlue) and leave an ad-hoc audio recording.
2. A group of 10 phones will broadcast ring continuously until each phone/extension picks up the call.
3. When user picks up the call they hear the audio recording
We tested & tried to replicate the above scenario on InformaCast paging server, we managed to replicate a live/ad-hoc broadcast thru the speaker...but not a ringing call.
Please advise if this can be done. this is due to privacy issue on broadcasting thru the speaker
Appreciate your advise if free basic or Advance paid subscription can achieve the above. 
Is ad-hoc broadcast a basic or advance feature? 
Regards: Jocelyn 
VIP Collaborator

This would be an Advanced function. With Informacast, you can set multiple types pf broadcast messages. For your example, you would want to create a Ad hoc Audio. You can also use pre recorded audio if you ever needed to send a repeat message.

As you have the advanced trial, go to Message > Send or Edit Messages. You will find some samples, or you can create your own. Then you can set up your recipient groups and dial string.


Thanks for your input.
And yes I have been trying out the informacast, that said so far I am able to broadcast send to the speaker phones,

my question is:-

Whether it is possible to broadcast continuous ring until the user picks up the phone INSTEAD of auto broadcasting it on speaker phone.


The 3rd party application "MARS Emergency Alerts" for Cisco CUCM would be able to meet your requirements

1) Send Pre-recorded audio alerts - Auto Broadcast audio alert/Message

2) Send Text alerts

3) Send live audio alerts- Auto Broadcast audio alert/Message

4) Dial a number/s and when the called party answers the call - play out a pre-recorded audio alert/Message to the called person/s


For further details please write to

Cisco Employee

Hi Jocelyn,


In Advanced (AdHoc/Live/Pre-recorded), in our experience as SInglewire, there are many ways to manage the CODE BLUE workflow, we can certainly run through a best practice meeting. Basic paging is only live audio, IP phone to IP Phone. In Advanced you have a standard feature called DialCast the, when the number is entered from a licensed IP phone, will trigger an immediate alert on the pre-defined workflow, we call it message template. Feel free to ping me if you need more on

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