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AMA-CUCM Troubleshooting: Best Practices for Reading Trace Files


Cisco Unity Connection CLI User

We currently have two Unity servers, a pub and a sub.  I can access the CLI in the pub, but I cannot in the sub.  We had a vendor deploy this, and only recently have I needed to access the CLI.  I can access the GUI however.  Is there any way to recover the user name/password that the vendor used on setup?

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Re: Cisco Unity Connection CLI User


CUCM Passwords and Password Recovery

Password Recovery

In case you lose administrator password or security password, you can recover it using the following procedure (you don't need the old password in this procedure):


  1. Login to CUCM OS CLI using the account (username:pwrecovery/password:pwreset)
  2. Insert a valid CUCM DVD and press any key
  3. Remove the DVD and press any key
  4. You will be promoted to select whether to recover the admin password or security password.
  5. Go through the instructions to complete the change


Note: In case you are recovering the security password, you need to do it in each node in the cluster and restart it

Password Recovery can be done from Console Only



Re: Cisco Unity Connection CLI User

Thanks; however; this is for Unity, not CUCM (unless it works the same?).  Also, we do not have any media, this was set up by a vendor.  I'm not sure on the procedure to install from a DVD, this is a virtual environment.

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Re: Cisco Unity Connection CLI User

The OS is the same for CUCM, UConn, IMP and a bunch of other systems, so the procedure is the same. When they talk about "inserting a DVD" they are talking about mounting an ISO into the DVD device in the VM.

If you have CCO access you should be able to download an upgrade ISO for your system and mount that. I'm not sure if that will work or if you have to have a bootable DVD.



Re: Cisco Unity Connection CLI User

I get an access denied when I try to login to the CLI using information given above.

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Re: Cisco Unity Connection CLI User

You must have tried it via SSH. It requires access to the server via the virtual console, like in vsphere.


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