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CMS Edge and Core Integration for Web Bridge

I have a Call Bridge Group all connected and working fine among 3 Call Bridge CMSs. I have a split Edge Server.

I have enabled trust fro Web Bridge to the Call Bridge Servers

I have configured the LoadBalancer relationships between the edge and the Core servers

All certs are inplace.


My question surrounds the configuration of a split web bridge.. how is this actually configured.


I try to create a web bridge and associate it to a Call birdge Group and a tenant as I have multi-tenancy configured on the Core CMS severs.. The error simply returns, there is no such Call bridge Group or tenant.. how do I get the edge server to reference the Core servers?





Re: CMS Edge and Core Integration for Web Bridge

I've never setup a split deployment, but have you checked the CMS Configuration Guides, there is one specifically for split deployments and a guide that covers multi-tenancy as well.

Cisco Employee

Re: CMS Edge and Core Integration for Web Bridge

Hi Ben,
So if I am understanding it correctly, you have three CMS core nodes there and 1 CMS Edge and you want to associate it with all the three Call Bridges. Please let me know if you already have cluster the 3 Call Bridges or not. If this had been done please send me a screenshot from below location by going into any of the CMS core node:

Configuration -> Cluster in the Web Admin

Re: CMS Edge and Core Integration for Web Bridge

Thanks Deepak,


I have the web bridges working now.. I setup the webbridge service on the edge, and configured the web bridges via API on the Core Servers. I can then associate the web bridges to the Call Bridge Group and to tenants.


I can connect through to a conference from either webbridge URL. The issue now is if I make a change to one web bridge via the API.. say I change the showSignIn to false.. Both web bridge URLs then do not display the Sign In Button.. an error is displayed in logs from the EDGE server.. Call bridge configuration conflict with showSignIn..


This whole multi-tenant configuration doesnt seem to work with CMS.. the Guide for multi-tenancy if just high level type doco. Do you have a resource in Cisco who has has completed a multi-tenancy configuration?



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