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Converting recorded sessions to MP4

Good afternoon,

I was attempting to convert a video the other day and the following prompt came up:


In the prompt it mentions "an additional webex conversion tool" to convert files to mp4....Just curious as to why we have to download additional components to the WebEx ARF player in order to convert from .ARF format to .mp4. As well, is there any type of a stand-alone version of this conversion tool available for download?  If there is please let me know, as it would be very helpful for myself and those that I work with.

Warmest regards,

Jason A. Leeser

IT Support Specialist

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Hi Cisco, we use SAML SSO authentication to access WebEx.  Our users are able to get the player, but when they want to convert to MP4, the application then again prompts for authentication and we can not access using our SAML login credentials.  What is the workaround?

Amit Singh
Cisco Employee

Hi I am also facing the same issue I am not sure how to download the additional component. Any advice will certainly help.

Warm regard,

Amit S.

Network Consultant Engineer

Good afternoon Amit,

     The conversion tool will automatically be added to the WebEx ARF player once you have authenticated your webex account.  If you do not have a webex account you can try this link which may be able to get you around that.

Thank you,

Jason A. Leeser

IT Support Specialist

Online & Executive MBA Programs

Fox School of Business

Temple University


Thanks a ton Jason for your help, this nbr2player is real thing.. making conversion successfully. I hope now I can play webex recording on the go.

Thanks Again,

Amit S.

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I have the same problem. I have some recordings in .arf that i'd like to convert mp4 for watching them in my ipad. The problem is that, though I have created a free webex account, I don't Know what url I must sign to be able to convert. I have the account and the password, but as I say, I don't know what url I must introduce.

I have downloaded the program you say (, but still I need to put an url when I want to convert mp4.

Please, give me a solution.


Jose Ramon Borbolla

Systems Analyst


Hello Barbolla,

you need to use the free account info with your WebEx URL where the account is created. Please make sure you are using

full email address as the user name, if you are using the free on-line webex version, or simply use

If your credentials are not correct, it will not work.

Thank you,


Miro i stated in my post that i had tried both my accounts, both the free

one and my corporate one for Ive also tried the rest of

your suggestions because they are clearly stated in this message board and

elsewhere. As it turns out my company's tech support had to log in with an

account with appropriate permissions to get it to work, since my corporate

account didnt have appropriate permissions, but, as can be seen on the

message board, the free method does not work for a lot of people. Yet you

guys never go beyond the same basic troubleshooting steps and the mdssage

board languishes and dies. You guys have been saying since 2009 that you

would move away from your annoying proprietary formats. How about helping

people out for a change?


you can always call our customer support, have them open the case and try to troubleshoot the issue. The community support is not intended for the primary technical support, it is a forum to share the knowledge and have the forum to communicate with customers and partners. We value your feedback.

As for the proprietary format, we have released the standards based recording for the WebEx Enabled TelePresence

Integrated WebEx site T29 release. This is the first step in to the right direction. We are currently working on enabling the non-integrated sites with this new recording solution. While not committed as of today, we hope to have something we can share later this year.

Thank you,


I am also getting this issue. I have an account with Cleveland Clinic Abu Dhabi, at It doesn't recognize my account. I set up another login just to be able to post here. It doesn't recognize that login either. I cannot download the extra component that will allow me to convert to MP4 despite having two different accounts now and despite having the Network Recording Player!


are you able to login with those credentials to your site? This will not work if you have SSO enabled site.

I think for your site, since that is not free site, just use the user name, not full email address, pretty much the

same as you would for your WebEx.




We use SAML SSO authentication to access WebEx.  I can get the player, but when I  try to convert to MP4, the application then again prompts for authentication and will not allow my SAML login credentials. What do I do?

This isn't documented but for others having this issue, change your password and try again.

I suspect this is due to either the password complexity requirements or an account syncronization problem when the email address changes.  Either way, it fixed it for me.


Hi everyone,

I know this thread is a year old, but we are new WebEx customers and our site is using SAML SSO for our users to authenticate. As such this dialog box causes our users to get errors when attempting to login since this box doesn't support SSO Authentication.

With iOS and Andriod devices becoming more and more prevalent, you would think Cisco would want it's content to be playable on all devices without making their users jump through all these hoops. As we are an educational institution this is a major reason why we selected WebEx and it's disheartening to see that our users can't convert their recordings due to these components not being included.

Can someone from Cisco or WebEx please provide an installer for these extra components? and why aren't they just included with the Network player? I will also open up a support ticket on this too.


Hi Brent,

I just wanted to respond to acknowledge that we are listening to you and your feedback. The WebEx product teams are working towards providing standards based recordings, e.g. MP4. This is something that is on our roadmap. While I cannot publicly disclose an official date of arrival, I can tell you work is in progress to address this.



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