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How can one delete a room in spark?


Once the conversation is over and I want to clean up my rooms list.


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You can only leave a room and that removes it from the list.

Does not quite work for me.

In Windows Spark I can try to "Leave room", but after confirming nothing happens. Room is not removed from the list and is kept there permanently.

In Android Spark upon leaving the room is removed from list, but randomly reappears.

Restart, sign-out/sign-in, updates do not seem to change that behaviour.

As Srinivasan pointed out, you can't delete the room, you can leave group room and 1:1 room. If you rejoin group, content will become available again. If you are the last person in the group room, you can't leave. Last person stays in room until someone else will join then, you can leave. If you see issues on Windows client, please report that via our feedback button.

Thank you,


Hi Miro,

Thank you for adding more detailed information. What you wrote is different from what Srinivasan wrote and much more specific - he did not mention before that the last person cannot leave the room.

What I described is not last person leaving the room but being unable to leave a room. I will provide feedback on both clients.


Thanks for the info but I'm trying to figure out the purpose of a rooms that can never be deleted.  If you are the last one in, you can't leave which means the room can't be deleted...  Are rooms supposed to be eternal?  That would become very messy over time.

Please explain.

Jeff Anuzelli

I agree it seems odd that a room can not be removed completely.  Even thought he API it only seems  make you leave the room but it still exist in the list and can be rejoined.  Is there another way to delete the room permanently?

We have written bots to do that, completely kill the room and remove contents, look at the archiving messages in spark room. If you are interested you can contact us

Cisco Spark Integrations

Haha.  #bots are now a reality.  Very impressive


Yes I have tried that and found that it does not work as described.  Maybe I will open a support ticket and see why it is not being deleted properly.  Thanks.


Look for the symbol that looks like an information icon (a circled I).  It's at the top of the screen next to the room name.

Click the information icon and you have the option to leave the room.

Well, leaving a team or a room is not the same than deleting it....

If you just leave a team, what happens to the information it contains?  Stored forever somewhere? ( and in this case, who may access it, and how?)


Check out this link in the Spark for Developers space about deleting a room:

Kelli Glass

Moderator for Cisco Customer Communities

We can't delete a 1:1 room. That link is for Team rooms which can be deleted via room ID. I have a BU case for this

Lokesh K. Lal
Engineering Product Manager
Cisco Systems Inc.

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