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How to turn off numbers getting automatically turned into call links in Jabber




Our company has a ticket system in which tickets are in numberical format as follows:



When a number 4+ digits is typed into a jabber chat it is automatically hyperlinked to be user to click and call something. This has made copying ticket numbers shared over jabber annoying as sometimes the user will accidently click on the link and wind up calling the non-existing number.


Is there a way to turn said feature off?

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Mark Swanson

What version? Are you talking about CJ4W or Cisco Jabber for Android, iPhone and iPad?

To expand on this...

Jabber is complied of hundreds of files. There's a couple of files you should be aware of, they are;  

jabber-config-defaults [xml document]

jabber-config [xml document]

The jabber-config-defaults file identifies the default settings for Cisco Jabber during the installation. The jabber-config file contains custom changes to Cisco Jabber by the admin (you).

If you click on this link here, you will find a long list of parameters... some apply to Windows only and others apply to all platforms (i.e. Windows, Android, iPhone, iPad, etc.). Some of these parameters aka feature/setting/etc., are enabled by default - like;

EnableCiscoTelProtocol = true (default)

This parameter basically allows Cisco Jabber to register as the protocol handler for the ciscotel:URI which gives the application the ability to place calls through the application when you enter a series of digits. 

There's another parameter called CiscoTelProtocolPermissionEnabled / EnableTelProtocolPopupWindow which is enabled by default. This parameter provides a confirmation prompt before dialing a number via Cisco Jabber. Do you not have this enabled?

By the way...

If you want to change the default parameter;

EnableCiscoTelProtocol = true (default) false

You can but it's going to impact everyone using Cisco Jabber. So, let's say most users don't have a problem with this parameter (feature) and they click on a link to dial a number... when you disable this parameter, you will disable it for everyone.

The good news is... there's another option. You can create a second jabber-config.xml file, for example; jabber-notel-config.xml file via Notepad++. Upload this file to your TFTP server. Next, create a CSF Device and associate your End User profile with this device. Under the CSF Device, there's a field called "Cisco Support" or something like that. This is how you would reference your xml file.

By doing so, you can run multiple jabber-config.xml files on separate user accounts. I wouldn't recommend creating CSF Devices for all users since this can be difficult to manage but this works great for small groups and testing.

Good luck!

Thanks for the help guys!



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