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Jabber 11.5 functionality with CUCM 11 and CUP IM 11

Good Morning:

I am addressing this to whom can help me on solving the Jabber functionality. As far as I have going through most of the videos and documentation about installing the IM Presence and trying to put the Jabber operative, I have done almost all things say in the documentation, but I still cannot make the jabber 11.5 work.

I am using a virtualized infrastructure in a UCS C200 server, and the CUCM 11 and CUP 11 are installed. and on this lab, I do have 2x9951 IP Phones registered.
I have tried to use IM and Jabber without synchronizing LDAP, AD, maybe that's my mistake, please confirm if its mandatory to synchronize CUCM with AD for Presence IM operation.
Please if you can give me some other link or information to go through and solve my issue. it will be very appreciated.

Just in order to complement with information I am attaching to this mail, screenshots of what I have in the CUCM, IM Presence and what it looks like my Jabber user. Also, if you need any other information, please let me know.

Then again, I thank you in advance for your time and cooperation.

Best Regards,

Javier F. Berthin

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Suresh Hudda
Rising star
Rising star

Didn't understand what exactly you are looking for ? As per snap shot, you have logged into jabber successfully and seem to be everything fine.

Just add group and then contacts in jabber and do start testing.


Hi Suresh:

Thanks for your answer.

Maybe I am not clear enough with Jabber interface, but when I load it, I do have just what I got in the screenshot, but I cannot call o see to anybody else.

In my first attempt, in the presence server, the topology I had most of the services in red. And now all of them, except one, are okay.

Should I consider to upload a cterm... file in the CUCM considering that I am using the latest release of Jabber client?

Thanks again for your cooperation.


Contact resolution isn't working (typical indication of showing up name as user@domain). Directory source need to be configured. There are many guide/sources out there. here is one -

As a generic rule, if your Windows PC is joined to the domain and presence server is on the same domain contact resolution *should work (your own name would show up as First Name /Last name

For the rest of the services, you will need to go thru the guide one step at a time to configure them (for cucm 9.x above that would be 'UC Service Profile' with 'UC Services' on CUCM). SIP Trunk is only for showing "On a call" status, nothing else.

Hi Dear Friends:

Thank you very much for your guidelines.

I would like to ask you 3 questions that you could answer correctly.

1) On the CUP topology report I do have a service that is stopped "Cisco XCP Message Archiver", why this service is stopped, and how can I fixed?

2) On the Warnings Admin Page I have the report that the Database replication is not complete, between the CUP and the CUCM, why I am getting this warning?

3) On the Jabber Client I just have 2 icons services, the CONTACTS and MEETINGS, and not the phone. What I am missing to get this one?

Thank you again for your help.


Hello Javier,

Not mandatory to upload cterm, integration with ldap/AD.

Below is the summary of config which you must have placed in CUCM and IMP. And put IM&P IP address in advanced settings of Jabber if you have not created _Cisco-uds srv in enterprise DNS.


Step 1: Services in cucm: Cisco CTI Manager, cisco axl web service, Dir Synch should be activated.

Step 2: Configure SIP trunk

Step 3: Assign that SIP trunk as the IM and Presence PUBLISH Trunk on CUCM Service parameter.


Step 1: Configure Proxy Server Settings; IMP > Presence > Routing > Settings.

• Choose On for the Method/Event Routing Status.

• Choose Default SIP Proxy TCP Listener for the Preferred Proxy Server.

Step 2: Add CUCM as Presence Gateway in IMP; IMP > Presence > Gateways.

Create end user (Associate end user to "Standard CTI Enabled" acess control group); Enable User for Unified CM IM and Presence otherwise user will not sync to IMP, associate CSF device.

Create a CSF device and assign end user under owner user id and at line.

To add contacts in Jabber, 1st create group name and then create "Company Contact" as user@domain name, once you add contact in jabber then you can start chat.

Hope this will help you, for further information you may go through CUCM-IMP doc.


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