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Jabber: Ability to post images in group chat


I would find it very useful to be able to send images in Jabber group chat. Often we start group chats during conference calls and would like to discuss screenshots as a team to be able to bring this information up in our discussion during the WebEx. These are sidebar conversations, so using webex to share this content is not a viable solution. 

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Dan Lukes

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Screen capture (images) and File sharing are not supported in Jabber Group chat sessions. This is working as designed and there is no definite roadmap for this feature to be implemented soon in future releases.





It maybe then 'working as designed' but it is not working as needed by users. I had been seriously considering making Jabber our 'corporate' standard chat vehicle, but without this basic feature that virtually all major chat programs support, cannot do so and will need to use some other vendor's product... which is a shame because a decent chunk of our user base already has Jabber installed for Presence and Soft-phone functionality,


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With managed file transfer you can transfer files in groups



Hello Sir,


I'm a user of Jabber and we are using it as communication tool in the company, I'd like to know what you were thinking about how the tool can support the clients when you say "there is no definite roadmap for this feature to be implemented soon in future releases."

I'm not sure if you are the product owner of this tool, do you have any idea how difficult when you want to discribe something on your screen to someone else by words? Do you recommend me to write down hundreds of words instead of sending a screenshot to my colleagues?

I don't know how an application is designed in Cisco, but can you give it a minute to evaluate the value of the suggestion before you say NO?

Hi there

You can used MFT (Manage File Transfer) MFT allows an IM and Presence Service client, such as Cisco Jabber, to transfer files to other users, ad hoc group chat rooms, and persistent chat rooms. The files are stored in a repository on an external file server and the transaction is logged to an external database.

Supported Software
- IM and Presence Service, Release 10.5(2) or later
- PostgreSQL, versions 8.3.x through 9.1.1
- PostgreSQL, versions 9.2.x, 9.3.x, 9.4.x, 9.5.x and 9.6.x
- Oracle, versions 9i, 10g, or 11g
Note : If an encrypted connection to the external database is required, you must use Oracle 11g.
- External file server, CentOS Linux version 6.5 and 7

You can install the database on either a Linux or a Windows operating system. See the PostgreSQL and Oracle documentation for details on the supported operating systems and platform requirements.
The external database is supported on both virtualized and non-virtualized platforms.
IPv4 and IPv6 are supported as is dual-stack mode.

Hope this helps


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Is this for file transfer? I was talking about if Jabber can support image. This is totally different, why cannot I use email to tranfer file but using an IM tool?

Hi there

Yes, sorry I was talking about Managed File Transfer. Are you looking for this I assume

File Transfer enhancements (on-premises deployments only, prerequisite: Cisco Unified Communications Manager 10.5(2) ) - In addition to standard file transfer between peers, you can now transfer files in group chats or persistent chat rooms. You can also use this feature to enable file transfer compliance, where you can manage screen captures and file transfers to restrict who can send and receive files, and keep a history of the file transfer and screen captures for auditing purposes.

Hope this helps

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you can put screen captures in a group chat now, I don't know when it became available. In the bottom right of a group chat there is an icon like a square with a scissors. If you click that, it will give you a crosshairs like the windows Snipping Tool to allow you to select a section of the screen and put it in the chat window.


I am working in 11.51 call manager with Jabber 12.81 and I do not see that option in group chat.

Can anyone shed some light as to why that could be?


Someone in the group chat is over MRA? That would certainly break it.

I found some info on this..
Enable File Transfer and Screen Captures for Group Chats and Chat Rooms
Files and screen captures transferred are stored on a file server and the metadata is logged to a database server. For Cisco Jabber clients that do not support chat rooms, this option enables file transfer in group chats.
When you enable this option, file transfers and screen captures are also available in peer to peer chats and the files and screen captures transferred are stored on a file server and the metadata is logged to a database server.
Before You Begin
File transfer and screen captures for group chats and chat rooms is only available on Cisco Unified Communications Manager IM and Presence Service, release 10.5(2) or later.
Configure an external database to log metadata associated with the file transfer, see Database Setup for IM and Presence Service on Cisco Unified Communications Manager, Release 10.5(2) for further information.
Configure a network file server to save the file being transferred, see Configuration and Administration of IM and Presence Service on Cisco Unified Communications Manager, Release 10.5(2) for further information.
Step 1 
Open the Cisco Unified CM IM and Presence Administration interface.
Step 2 
Select Messaging > File Transfer.
Step 3 
In the File Transfer Configuration section select Managed File Transfer.
Step 4 
In the Managed File Transfer Assignment section, assign the external database and the external file server for each node in the cluster.
Step 5 
Select Save.
Apparently you need an external server to handle group chat file share and screen captures. The same setup for persistent chat rooms.
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