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Jabber custom offline status

Hi ,

is there a way to preserve a status entry for offline clients  -  to create a custom offline presence status

i have a customer who needs this functionality to be able to use Jabber for all presence in his enviroment

the sceanrios would be for holidays / on a flight ect ...  "i'll be away until June 15."  



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Cisco Employee
Cisco Employee

Hi Bó,

This feature is targeted for 9.5 release however it is not yet commited.

- Colin

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Cisco Employee
Cisco Employee

Hi Bó,

This feature is targeted for 9.5 release however it is not yet commited.

- Colin

Hey Colin

it is nice to know that  it is on the roadmap ,  please add my name to the list of those requesting this feature 


Hi Colin, do you have an update on this request with custom offline status?

Thank you,



Still on the backlog. No confirmed release yet.

Any update to this?  We upgraded our Call Managers recently to 9.1 in hopes of utilizing presence and jabber.  However, the lack of being able to see a custom status while the user is offline has forced us to drop Jabber in search of a better unified communication solution.

Status has not changed.

Does this also include the ability to automatically send a message to the sender the the user is offline and will get the message when they log back in?

This feature has not been committed so I can't confirm what its content will be if it ever is committed to a release. Currently, I don't believe there is any plans for it.

Why do you hate me Jabber?! I have been waiting for this feature since Jabber was first released!

I have a customer who is looking for this same feature.  Any plans on releasing it???

There are several enhancement requests open for this, anyone interested in this feature should reach out to their SE/AM and present the business case so it can be shared with the BU, and they understand why it's important for this to be added to the product


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I'm a customer ... I use Jabber and Webex all day long, like I work for Cisco. Oh, wait I do. Wondering why this is so difficult - is it a policy thing over a functional thing? Since Jabber doesn't preserve sessions, maybe this is related? Instead of a business case, how about three useful use cases:


Use Case #1 - Written Voice Mail (that's not buried under 500 emails from today)

Would like to leave Jabber running with an offline message so I can still receive messages even though I'm technically not present, instead of email. Jabber is privileged channel, so someone sending you a message typically knows you, usually within my company -- maybe I want to leave a semi-urgent "DO this first thing" message. Or ... "Urgent question from customer - please see email...." This is a bit more like VM. For me, I just need it when the computer is on - I don't need it to persist while I'm in transit etc. 21st century work schedule. 


Use Case #2 - Faking Offline sort of like "Do Not Disturb" with a White Lie

Or maybe I'm working and can't be disturbed, but I need to be able to send messages (this is actually my typical use case).  I want to look gone, I want Jabber to say I'm gone, but I want to be able to send messages. Every day I could use this. 


Use Case #3 - Temporary Preserve Chat (since there is no history)

My other one - the reason I leave Jabber on without shut down when I fly, etc. Jabber doesn't save history for legal reasons. At least by leaving it on in "offline" state I can maintain a record until I have time to write down a note from a chat. 

Use Case #2 is perfect!


I have many clients looking for that same feature. They want to appear offline, but can actually still send and receive IMs

We were asked this too often - Does somebody has any news regarding that topic?