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Jabber does not show company?!?


i´m configuring Jabber4W and an Estos Meta Directory. The search for Users works, but Jabber does not show the company. If i run whireshark, Jabber "asks" for company and gets an answer from Meta-Directory, but if i rightclick on a contact, there is no company shown.

Another thing is that when i search user with the company-name, Jabber shows up the Users.


This is a part of my config-file:





This is what Jabber shows:

And another thing:

The Chat adress is build from "predicitveSearchFilter" + domain.

For Example: Michael

But i cannot change the predictivesearchfilter, can i configura jabber to use sn  for Chat-Adress?


Thanks for your help




i also try to integrate estos metadirectory in jabber search. But for me the integration not work. I can search but always get one result from metadirectory which makes no sense, its a combination frome more contacts.

Could you let me know how your integration in XML file looks like to search the meta directory and do you make a special configuation in estos?

Looks like you are from Germany, me too. You can contact me also via PM if you want.



Hi All,

Did you guys solve the issue?

I am looking to Meta for contact search as well. 

Any tips and tricks are more then welcome.


Did anyone get it working with Estos metadir?

Cisco Employee

ChatAdress is the jid on IM&P. Basically the userid of CUCM. So should be ok to map "userAccountName" to "sn" in jabber-config.xml but then cucm userid mapping must be changed accordingly, otherwise contact presence may stop working

Company is the default attribute mapping, there is no need for that mapping in the jabber-config.xml file. Company should show by default, if 'searchEntry' return on wireshark (filter: ldap) has the companyname as returned attribute with values inside it.


Cisco Employee

here is what the document refers to for LDAP directory requirement;

You can use the following directory servers with Cisco Jabber:


Cisco Jabber for Mac, Cisco Jabber for iPhone and iPad, and Cisco Jabber for Android support the LDAPv3 standard for directory integration. Any directory server that supports this standard should be compatible with these clients.

  • Active Directory Domain Services for Windows Server 2012 R2

  • Active Directory Domain Services for Windows Server 2008 R2

  • Cisco Unified Communications Manager User Data Server (UDS)

    Cisco Jabber supports UDS using the following Cisco Unified Communications Manager versions:
    • Cisco Unified Communications Manager, version 9.1(2) or later, with the following Cisco Options Package (COP) file: cmterm-cucm-uds-912-5.cop.sgn.
    • Cisco Unified Communications Manager, version 10.0(1). No COP file is required.
  • OpenLDAP

  • Active Directory Lightweight Directory Service (AD LDS) or Active Directory Application Mode (ADAM)

I referecend the ETOS MetaDirectory weblink though i was not able to confirm whether it supported LDAP v3 or not?

Can you first check with the ETOS team whether they support LDAP v3 or not as thats would be a pre-requisite for jabber clients to do LDAP search; else UDS might be a better option.

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