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Jabber for Iphone won't stay running

We recently rolled out Jabber for windows and for iPhones. The jabber client doesn't stay running in the background. If i sign in, it will work for a few hours, then stops working. I checked the settings and they are set to not log out. 


This is doing the same thing on multiple iPhones versions. 


Any ideas?


I feel when our phones move from LTE to WIFI or vice versa, the client disconnects and doesn't attempt to re-register.

when I relaunch the app then it reconnects.

I wonder if the timers on the SIP profile would have to be tweaked for this...

Let's see if someone is able to answer.

I've tried tweaking the timers and profiles to be the Mobile profile inside CUCM and still seeing the same thing.  The expressway-E is filled with logs saying "No SSL error available, probably remote disconnect".  However, I am on WiFi so it's not disconnecting.

Is there a way to force the IPhone to constantly keep this connecting going?  I feel like it's an issue on IPhone and not really the collab environment because Windows boxes are fine and don't disconnect.

Jabber/Expressway is running the latest software.

We have same issue, anyone solved this or called Tac ?

has anyone had any confirmation with TAC this issue has been fixed, we are in Express way and Jabber set up as well, we are still having this issue, of it's fixed any official documents on versions from both Apple and Cisco ?



I am experiencing similar issues. It seems to have atarted after upgrading to Jabber for Iphone 11.7.1 on multiple devices.

Jabber for Iphone randomly un-registers and randomly allows logins. Have tried re-initializing the app with no luck.

Jabber for Windows and Android are both running perfectly, everything is run through MRA.

I have the same issue using Cisco Jabber on iOS 10.3.2.

The app will automatically sign-out making it impossible to receive calls/messages.

I tried to rectify the issue by going to Profile > Settings > Status and setting Automatic Sign-Out to Never Sign Out and Automatic Away to Off.

It hasn't worked. iOS continues to close the app and sign-out after a few hours.

This is most likely due to iPhone OS disconnecting the traffic when Jabber is idle in the background. Cisco has fix for this in 11.5SU3 using push notification. After upgrading CUCM/IMP, also VCS if MRA is being used, for every call/IM setup to Jabber on iPhone, CUCM/IMP server will send a push to Cisco cloud, and then Cisco will forward the push to Apple cloud, then Apple will remotely wake the Jabber application on the phone to receive the call/IM.



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